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Friday, May 07, 2004
happy trails.... Just a quick note to announce Dogs Playing Poker has moved... come visit at www.stinkypants.org

This page will auto-forward you, I will move the archives over as soon as I can figure out how to do it...
4:06 PM
Thursday, May 06, 2004
I take a whiskey drink

I take a chocolate drink

and when I have to pee

I use the kitchen sink

- Homer Simpson

Finally some poker content, the new blog site is up and running, but I'm still working out the formatting bugs (check out Stinkypants.org) I'll continue to post at both until it's final.

I got home last night, and since I still wasn't able to cash out of Intertops (i was finally able to today) I hopped on and saw Pauly playing at a $25 NL table. I had stayed away from those for awhile, but since I'm hoping to make it to foxwoods this weekend for the nl game, I sat down... i don't have the hand histories here, But Pauly was playing pretty tight, but pulling down a few pots here and there, I finally got aces and pulled down a good size pot, up to around $40...Then the phone rang, and while on the phone 4 minutes with the fiance lost it all back..dam phone call... i called a $3 raise by pauly when I was in the big bind...by accident..thought it was the check button... folded to a $5 flop bet, he claims to have aces...I kind of believe him.... Tiltedlitt popped in to say hi... one other memorable hand... Pauly was in the big blind, I get the hand he just had a post about KJ (sooooted tho), and make a small raise, get a couple calls, not including Pauly... flop comes Jack high, fishy fish to my right (whom I had started a little tiff with after he raised me out of a pot with an inside straight draw) makes his standard $5 steal raise that was so predictable I could've set a clock by it..i reraise all in... he folds, Pauly thought I had the hammer.... I eventually bankrupt fishy when he put his last $9 or so in with k8 sooted, my AQ clubs hit a queen and finished as a flush.... Pauly left, and I went downhill...i left down $5, sat in a .5/1 table and ended up about even for the night... thats how it goes...

At work today, i cashed out of intertops..since they only offer two ways to cash out (or you can conveniently transfer to their betting side), and the checking account function wasn't working, and the epassporte worked then didn't...it was quite a hassle... but then I realized that epassporte was worthless, since I want to do pacific and pokerstars's bonus's next.. so i deposited into party, and withdrew to neteller... today I did the same again...so the bankroll should be together soon, but I'm doing more money laundering than an Enron executive...

After that, i realize i still have $21 left in my Absolute account... it being lunchtime, I log in... there was one .5/1 game, but it was 6max, and shorthanded at that..I posted a blind, then it went threehanded so i left...sat down at a .25 blind NL game... full this time... I recognize many of the icons from my previous play there...Absolute is not a very busy site, and I think some of them might just be props... but I digress... I buy in at $10... second hand I'm dealt 44, pot is rasied to $1.50, about standard for this game... I go for it, and flop my set..woohoo... then the straight draw comes on the turn, flush on the river..hmmm....bet big at the river, get called by a shortstack who had middle pair... I'm up to $25...

Next hand (several hands later) I get the hilton sisters... I rase to $1.50, get 5 callers... flop comes KJX... I bet $2, get one caller, one of the players I see playing all the time... turn comes the Q, i check, he bets $5...i take the max amount of time..then call... river is a blank...I check again, $5 bet..i reraise all in, he's got me well covered... he calls and shows down KJ, Pauly's favorite hand... my set beats two pair, and I leave a few hands later having quadrupled up...my bankroll at Absolute now $60... I dunno if I want to keep playing there however, lots of good players, not many fishies... I'll have to think about that...

1:36 PM
Just a quick reply to one of my comments... I know this is political, forgive me Iggy ;) but I went over the 1k character limit and couldnt reply...a poker update later... Johnny posted:

I notice you're not a big fan of Bush, but riddle me this:

Name 3 things that any Democratic candidate, namely John Kerry, are basing their candidacy on.

(And, No, you cannot say; "Bush sucks.", "To beat Bush", or "To get Bush out of office.")

I'm generally a non-political person. i hate politics, I hate politicians. They lie, cheat, and are scum. It just so happens Bush is the worst of them at the moment.

Kerry is probably no better. But he's not Bush. He's not a jeebus religious freak. Hell I voted for Nader last election, and would again too but in the end last time that just helped Bush. I'm all for Kerry's plan to tax the rich, but I'm sure I'd get screwed in the end somehow.

Bottom line, Bush deceived us all, and continued to do so. He's a moron, and he clearly couldn't tie his own shoes or take a piss without his father and Cheney helping him.

I mean look at what has happened with him at the country's helm...he's managed to piss off just about every country besides england, hell even canadians are booing the national anthem. Biggest recession in years, biggest terrorist attack in years, Worldcom, Enron, Halliburton et al. Nonexistant weapons of mass destructions, tons of coverups (including trying to cover up iraqi prisoner abuses, but failing). and that's without mentioning the patriot act, the fcc, and the eroding of enviornmental rights all due to Bush. Hell i'm suprised it's even legal for me to be typing this, as I'm critizing the prez... but if he's elected again, I'm sure I'll be held without bail or lawyers as a "bush-combatant"....

I'm sure Kerry will have his own set of evils, becuase he is after all just another politician. But from listening to them both speak...One is clearly more intelligent, one actually served in a war, instead of hiding, and one is clearly not a religious nutjob... So until some non-politician decides to run for president (Howard Stern anyone? j/k) ala Jesse Ventura, the best we can do is limit one persons damage to four years...

I'm not a very good debater (although several time a week i claim to be a master one, j/k), and politics isn't my forte, try poker, computers, tv, being lazy, etc... but I enjoy a discussion here and there, and I feel if we don't take advantage of the opportunity to critique the government, and berate them when they lie and cheat, then eventually that freedom will be taken away from us, and then I might as well move to China...

1:24 PM
Wednesday, May 05, 2004
"I fear that our true motivation is about oil and our own flailing economy; about the failure to destroy Al Qaeda and about revenge. It is criminal to put our servicemen and women in harm's way and to put
the lives of so many civilians on the line for the misguided frustrations of the Bush administration.

Bottom line: this war is wrong and this war is un-American."
- Dave Matthews

Not much to report here, work continues on the new and improved Dogs Playing Poker blog... Today I got a domain registered, and actually got Moveable Type up and running (thanks for the words of support) after a few trips to the support forum.

I decided to play on empire last night...what a mistake...I either wasn't concentrating or had the worst run of luck in awhile... I had put $50 in originally, and two hours later is was down to $7 after a beating at .5/1 and tilting on the 25nl tables... I calmed down and worked it back up to $25, then down again to $10. Not a big deal, a normal swing in the horrible play at .5/1, but I'll hold back and tkae advantage of the other deposit bonus's floating around... so tempting..I 'll get a list together of them someday...

For those interested, TheSmokingGun.com has some of the over 1600 complaint letters received by the FCC concerning Oprah's (read: devil) show on oral anal sex and such. The letters are hilarious, some vulgar, but all ring true, puppet boy Michael Powell is just a tool, and they are clearly applying the regulations in a way that fits their twisted desires... stern bad (obviously, he's white, jewish and has an occasional fart sound), Oprah good (black, woman, gives away shit). Absolutely ridiculous...hopefully it will have the effect of getting all the lazy people to come out and make sure Bush is out of office come November... or god help this country... I'd vote, but doing so in MA is like pissing into the ocean, sure it makes you feel better, but is anyone going to notice? Not a chance in hell bush would ever win in this state...I guess thats one good thing about here....

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
"I'm to lazy to find a quote for this post" - Me

Just a quick note, as I've been spending a majority of the day learning about cgi script files and all that fun nonsense. This all came about after I lost another huge post due to Blogger, and Maudie mentioned moving her blog to Movable Type. They have a hosted version, but it costs money..and I'm a cheapass... so I decided to install it on my own webserver...

hours later, I'm just about there... I had some free hosting from 1and1.com, and host a couple of sites off of there..if this works I'll register a stinky domain and do that.... boy this stuff can get complicated... and of course my attitude is what's a few slashes or quotes here and there..well, apparently it's the difference between it working and not as I'm finding out...

My bankroll was up for the day before I even got home... when I stopped for my pre-dinner whopper (obscure King of Queens reference) and handed over $5 for a $3 total..and got back $6 and change... now normally I would give this back..but i'm evil..and I felt it made up for all the times they stiffed me out of fries (which happens every third time or so, i think there is a conspiracy)...

So at home I continue my horrible experience with Intertops Poker... the cashout continues to give me an error, and support is clueless... I know whats causing it, but it's a problem on their end and i can't fix it, and if they are too stupid to figure it out it's not my problem (i don't want to point out the fact that the bank account is also registered under a party account). So i sign up for the only other cashout method, some fps visa card..I put $50 on it..and try to cash out... this morning i get an email that it's denied..what a BUNCH OF MORONS! they refuse to cashout to the card until i deposit...so here we go again...once i'm out, I'll be FAR away from them...

pokerwise I was up and down..ended up a little, nothing exciting..almost got to watch sorpanos, but the image kept on breaking up..friggin satellite morons.... noone was online for me to watch, but I need to add more bloggers to my list... anyways, back to moveable type, it seems to have quite a few gadgets and be customizable... see you at the tables
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Monday, May 03, 2004
Playing around with some settings... HTML is a neat thing to play with, but can get dam confusing... thanks to Burt FU for the nifty scripts, now keeping a list of blog's and referres will be easy and automated... too bad my site isn't as pretty ;) 2:30 PM
You suckdiddlyuck - Homer Simpson

Hi everybody...

first let me apologize for the political rambling at the end of last week... certain issues were bugging me, and well, this is my soapbox, so screw off! umm, well, as the fiance put it... "nobody gives a shit". Most people have there minds made up anyways, and the truth won't do much to change that.... and the last thing i need is to be put on some sort of Bush's Blacklist...

A peace offering, if anyone would like a google gmail account, let me know, I have one invitation left...but no friends...

I'm going to have to retract my endorsement of Intertops Poker.... While i made some money on this party skin...the customer service has been horrible.... I tried to cash out my initial $150 i put in through firepay... shot down there..as the only options for cashout are checking account, intertops 'betting' site, or some other cash card i'd never heard of... ok..Ill put my bank info in (suggestion: open a 2nd account for poker transactions, keep very little in it, just in case), hit ok...and...error... no go...email customer service..wait...email again... they say tech support will be getting back to me...wait..email again... response "please wait and try again, or email us the info"...ok..I try again, same error, email them account info..response "you need to register your account online...and provide instructions how to do the same thing i've been doing" friggin uncooperative morons... I'll be cashing out entirely soon and moving on...

I finally managed to get my empire account open... i had to open a neteller account since Absolute Poker wouldn't credit back to my firepay, and they charge $8 to send a check.... jees... i was finally able to put money into empire (my bank accounts being registered with my party address, as well as my firepay account....

Friday night found me, suprise suprise, playing on a party skin, I sat down at a random .5/1 table and who was to my left but Al from AlCan'tHand... the table was very soft, a nice fishbowl... Al got mad when i raised my JJ, he was going to limp in with the hammer, would've flopped a boat too... later, pictured on his site, is a hammer special, the entire board of hammers... a little while later I got 7-2 on the button, limped in, Al was in, as well as 4 or 5 others... i bet the flop with nothing, Al was out, I typed in chat "Can't touch this"...the raised when an A hit the turn..everyone folded, I show and type "Stop...hammertime" as I show my complete hammer-bluff.... Al eventually left...and I stayed at that table for another hour or two, walking away tripling my $25 buy in... I slowly lost most of that gain throughout the weekend in $5 and $10 increments, but I had fun....

Saturday morning involved me and the fiance and digging up bushed, raking lots of acorns and planting grass... tons of fun... fiance worked all night so poker it was...finished 6th in a $10 sit n go... bleh...
Sunday morning involved me sitting out on the deck, trying to re-aim the satellite dish that the bonehead installer wouldn't put on the roof...instead he put it on the deck, where it points right at... a tree...it worked for several months, and he assured it would be fine when i asked about the leaves that would grow in..of course, the leaves come..and half of my channels decide to leave... including hbo... i never get hbo to come in....i did manage to get back to where I started after a few hours...but then last night I screwed up the upstairs box so it gets nothing... a couple of nasty emails were sent, and I'll be reverting to my backup cable connection (provided gratis with my network connection) while waiting for said boneheads to respond...

My foxwood trip got put off, Mark had to do yardwork (the many hassles of a twenty three year old living for free at home with his parents...still) but next sunday is looking good, along with a home game that looks to be forming on saturday night... too bad it's only monday afternoon....

Besides poker, one of my few other interests is theme parks/rides... go figure since I worked on one while doing an internship w/Disney... after working on one, specifically a hi-tech one that launched an 8 ton train of cars from zero to sicty in 2.8 seconds, straight into a loop... I saw how stupid people can be... the worst was a teenybopper cheerleader (there for a competition) who decided she didn't want to be on the ride..after being strapped in and turning the corner, where the ride launches after 20 or thirty seconds...in that time she had half wiggled out of the harness and was just about standing up... me, being one of the three operators that could see over there, was in the control booth, two others weren't looking...at the last second I saw and slammed on the big red button that shuts the ride down... very satisfying button to press, after being tempted to do it so often... luckily the girl ended up not killing herself that day, although i'm sure fate will catch up with her, that whole survival of the fittest thing...
Which brings me to the news story yesterday here where at Six Flags New England, a mentally challenged 55 year old man fell off of Superman, ride of steel. I've been on this, it's a great coaster, doesn't go upside down, just really fast. something like 80 miles an hour.. there is both a lap bar and seatbelt, the ride is designed to feel like you are going to fall out, but is statistically impossible to actually do so, short of user error. From my experience most theme park accident deaths are caused by stupidity, the guy on Splash Mountain at disney who decided to stand up, then fell inbetween logs that bump into each other while queing, as they are supposed to do... or the moron who let her kid stand up in the spaceship earth ride at epcot center (the big golf ball) then sued when the kid fell out.... So last night they had this guys ancient mother all over tv, saying that retarded people shouldn't be allowed on these rides... this baffled me... the guy met all the requirements to ride, ie, he was tall enough, had control of his upper body, and wanted to ride... if they decided to not let stupid people onto rides either, A. the rides would be empty (joke), and 2. that same mother would be in the streets screaming discrimination... the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me...

The seventh event in the WSOP, a 1k NL re-buy fest... resulted in another moneymaker-like win... details Here.

From my random poker feedster feed... John Has a vegas WSOP trip report, i guess since I can't go, reading about it will have to do... now I know how those couples that wait till marraige to have sex feel..ugh...

Skipping ahead, the tenth event, $2k Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, was, not suprisingly, won by an old lady from New Jersey... I've played some stud, and understand the game...and it bores me to tears..sooo slow...... I avoid it like the plague at foxwoods, the average age at those tables is 75...

enough for now..see you at the tables...
1:37 PM
Friday, April 30, 2004
Gotta love this one.... in defending his "end of major combat operations" in which he apparently forgot to put out the memo to the bad guys, as over 600 americans have died since that... he says "We're making progress, you bet," and goes on to say what he 'really' meant, which is what an objective had been achieved, and "And as a result, there are no longer torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq. As a result, a friend of terror has been removed and now sits in a jail." What Bushy apparently didn't mention was that his own goons were at the same time, ironicly, beating up Iraqi's, err i mean terrorists in the same torture chambers, and this time there's pictures...

Image from Sixty Minutes II, in that piece Brig. General Mark Kimmitt says "“Frankly, I think all of us are disappointed by the actions of the few,” I agree with him, we should all be disappointed by the actions of the few.... Bush, Cheney, etc....

4:56 PM
"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family." - January
27, 2000 - George W. Bush


Not much to update on today, poker wise spent most of last night playing, since the fiancé works late. Back onto Interops/Party, the .5/1 games were getting slow, I lost $15 of my first $25 buy in before deciding to play a Sit N Go (i know, they suck, but I play them when i get tired of the ring games)..

second hand had A5 going all in against AQ, 5 on the flop is when they went in... A on the turn and first player out, good thing i wasn't in that hand...

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t15 (9 handed)

SB (t740)

BB (t800)

UTG (t770)

UTG+1 (t1750)

MP1 (t770)

MP2 (t915)

MP3 (t800)

CO (t695)

Stinky (t760)

Preflop: Stinky is Button with Ac, 8c.

UTG calls t15, UTG+1 folds, MP1 calls t15, MP2 folds, MP3 folds, CO folds, Stinky calls t15, SB completes, BB checks.

Flop: (t75) 5h, Ad, Js (5 players)

SB checks, BB checks, UTG bets t85, MP1 folds, Stinky calls t85, SB folds, BB folds.

Turn: (t245) 5s (2 players)

UTG bets t125
, Stinky calls t125.

River: (t495) Ah (2 players)

UTG bets t545 (All-In)
, Stinky calls t535 (All-In).

Final Pot: t1575

Main Pot: t1565 (t1565), between UTG and Stinky. > Pot won by Stinky (t1565).

Pot 2: t10 (t10), overbet by UTG.

Results in white below:

UTG shows Jh 3d (two pair, aces and jacks).

Stinky shows Ac 8c (full house, aces full of fives).

Outcome: Stinky wins t1565. UTG wins t10.

unbelievable...  then this hand came up three hands later:

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t15 (8 handed)

MP2 (t710)

CO (t755)

Button (t1735)

SB (t740)

BB (t860)

UTG (t800)

UTG+1 (t780)

Stinky (t1620)

Preflop: Stinky is MP1 with As, Kc.

UTG calls t15, UTG+1 folds, Stinky raises to t45, MP2 folds, CO folds, Button folds, SB calls t35, BB folds, UTG calls t30.

Flop: (t150) Qs, Ah, Qc (3 players)

SB checks, UTG checks, Stinky bets t90, SB calls t90, UTG calls t90.

Turn: (t420) 5s (3 players)

SB checks, UTG checks, Stinky bets t225, SB raises to t605 (All-In), UTG folds, Stinky calls t380.

River: (t1630) 9s (2 players, 1 all-in)

Final Pot: t1630

Main Pot: t1630 (t1630), between SB and Stinky. > Pot won by Stinky (t1630).

Results in white below:

Stinky shows As Kc (two pair, aces and queens).

SB shows Ad Td (two pair, aces and queens).

Outcome: Stinky wins t1630.

At that point I basically folded my way into the money, got heads up against a pretty decent player, but ended up winning, nice boost to my bankroll...I then squeaked out a small win in the .5/1 tables before I went to bed...

I might end up going to foxwoods again this weekend, provided they are running the new mini-NL game as promised, a call beforehand determines the trip... if not, I blame it on Bush


From the "Reasons why religion and computers shouldn't mix, here is a story about spyware/malware, where the main 'victim' places her pc under a statue of the virgin mary, rather than, say, i dunno, FIX IT! people like her are the reason why IT people will always be needed, and why I don't answer phone calls from family anymore... later on she gets a grandson to fix it, he says "She was all upset and crying; she's a religious woman. She shouldn't have to deal with this garbage. If I find the people who did this to her I will make them suffer." OK, so the only garbage she has to put up with is priests porking altar boy, because that's perfectly allright... oh, by the way, the earth is round lady...


By the way, before you email me how to fix this (i might actually help strangers, no family though) the variant talked about is CoolWebSearch, or CWS... a healthy dose of spybot and adaware (for some reason you have to use both) they will do much better then praying to young-boy-porking gods, both are available as free downloads (see download.com).

I blame it solely on the Bush administration, using it as an excuse to crack
down on 'indecency' and the 'war on terrorism' I wouldn't be suprised if Cheney
was the author of it, if I could be convinced he knew how to use a computer...

Speaking of bush, A tooth study takes a bite out of the idea that modern humans are related to Neanderthals, of course Neanderthals never existed, because according to Bush's religion the earth is only 10 thousand years old.

I love my fiancé, but she grew up going to a Catholic school. She's not religious now (i don't know of anyone who could be after being raised that way)
but she still has some of their twisted ideas in her head. Take, for existence, her insistence that dinosaurs never existed. Not that they were extinct, or for
any other rational reason I've been able to get out of her...she just doesn't believe they ever existed. All the discovery shows are made up... I enjoy
mentioning this around my friends when she's there..the first question is always
"what about the bones/fossils?" and her reply... "well, they
could be from anything" no matter of common sense will get through to
her... same thing with theories of evolution, not all of them, just stuff like
birds evolving from dinosaurs, or early mammals evolving into humans (she points at squirrels and says "there's your cousin" I point at the crack-whore at the side of the street, say "look, there's your...." then think better... she just cant even see how dog breeds are related...that, if you take two different purebred dogs, breed them with enough with different types of dogs, you'll end up (eventually) with wolves... anyways, I blame the lack of common sense on Bush...

Speaking of Neanderthals...wait, already used that one...

Saddam Bush  and the real ruler of this country, heir-Cheney

Bush proved he can't take a crap without Cheney along for the ride when the only way he could speak (speak, never testify, avoid that whole lying under oath thing that brought down Clinton) was together. He stated he felt confident after the 'talk' Probably because no record was allowed, no reporters, no proof they said 'anything', and since they were together, no chance for Bushy to slip up and let out the truth.


End of my political ranting...I blame bush for the cause of it...


Poker Links:


Felicia has part three of her Vegas
WSOP tourney experience up...

Chicago Phil is off to vegas...once again w/out me...when will I ever get to
go back there...  my last trip was before I started playing poker, and was
mostly free (thank you wagerworks.com) but ended up being almost ruined by the non-closing on our condo the day before the trip, thats a story for another

Chris Halverson, unlike me, actually includes some poker discussion in his latest post, discussing when to defend your small blind...

Over at The Cards Speak the rules of blackjack are applied to poker, like quite a few people, I wasted time playing blackjack before discovering poker... worth the read...


good luck at the tables...if not...I suggest you blame it on Bush...

2:02 PM
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
"Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." - Drew Carey

Just a quick update today, as work actually has some work for me, and I've got a problem that's not solving itself...

I only played for an hour or so last night, the fiance needed help with her access homework (two weeks and she's done, graduated...except for those two summer classes she still needs to take...) but what an hour... interops again, a party skin... .5/1, I was catching up on King Of Queen episodes and watching Fear Factor Models (man they were all a bunch of wimps) and Las Vegas...

After reading some tips from other blogs, i decided to be ultra agressive but still tight, and bet out more, i noticed I've been cutting back on raising, thinking it wasn't doing anything but increasing the amount I'd lose on suckouts... I found a decent table, lots of calling stations, one in particular would call to the turn every time, then fold at the river, or call if he thought he had a hand... I get KK and raise it..the whole table calls... flop comes Kx5, giving me the set, I bet, get reraised and reraise back, still 4 people in... turn is blank, raises all around, river is the 5, also completing a flush draw... i walk away with $40 on that hand alone... i had tagged the one player, after that hand half the table left....so I followed my minnow...he would play a couple hands, realise I was there and leave... Is there such thing as stalking in online poker? I'd be guilty then... finally he either left or figured out how to turn on the hide from search feature... but the table he left me at was another goldmine...player to my left would raise pre-flop everyhand... but would fold to reraises post flop..i won w/the hammer on a bluff...then I got KK again... reraised and capped preflop... flop comes Kx9... turn is blank..river is the 9...I'm seing deja vu as the flush draw is out again, capped with three people showing down... I end up for the one hour session a total of 60bb, very pleased with myself...

I recently sent an email to Kathy Raymond, Directory of Poker Operations at foxwoods, it was about a possibility of tournaments returning, single table tournaments (not for the wpt event), or a low buy in NL game like bellagio and other cardrooms out west are running. Since Foxwoods is really the only game in town, and have been very busy, I didn't expect them to have any of that in the works, or even respond. She wrote back though, heres the news:

It is ironic but I have already placed the order for table plaques in order
to spread a Min/$40 Max/$100 No Limit game. We should have these in by the
end of the week and hopefully be able to start spreading them by this
week-end. This game would be a $1/$2 blind structure.
We would love to have you back at Foxwoods !!

This is a great move i think, I'd love to get some ring game NL experience, but their normal min 200 buyin 5/5 blind game was out of my league (and bankroll) I might be making a few more unscheduled trips once this game starts... I already text messaged mark on his phone with the news, if the game were running now he'd already be down there...

I know some of you readers are computer geeks also, heres a problem I'm having, hadn't quite found the answer yet, but I'm getting closer... non computer people just skip this and go on to the next blog...

-=start geektalk=-
there are several domains here, a 2k active directory enviornment that is linked to corporate headquarters, and the old NT domain. we're in the process of migrating. A user in a lab build a machine (2k), doesn't join it to any domain. When the goto network neighborhood, they see the 2k domain, but not the nt one. They can ping machines in the domain, as well as map to machines there.

a side problem is this, if I ping the netbios name of that machine, it goes to an ip address that is not the one it really has, and times out. If i ping the real ip address, it goes fine. If i do this from within the same subnet, (ie from that machine) it works fine.

I did some research, and I've decided its a netbios problem, possible a subnet master browser issue... everything is dhcp, wins is served by servers out of corporate. I managed a temporary fix by joining the machine to the domain (which they didn't want) then unjoining it, now it sees all the domains...but this is happening to multiple machines in that subnet... I'm in the process of hunting down that machine, but i'm not sure what to do when i find it (it's also listed as the backup subnet master browser) any ideas?

4:01 PM
Its craptacular!
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