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Friday, April 30, 2004
Gotta love this one.... in defending his "end of major combat operations" in which he apparently forgot to put out the memo to the bad guys, as over 600 americans have died since that... he says "We're making progress, you bet," and goes on to say what he 'really' meant, which is what an objective had been achieved, and "And as a result, there are no longer torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq. As a result, a friend of terror has been removed and now sits in a jail." What Bushy apparently didn't mention was that his own goons were at the same time, ironicly, beating up Iraqi's, err i mean terrorists in the same torture chambers, and this time there's pictures...

Image from Sixty Minutes II, in that piece Brig. General Mark Kimmitt says "“Frankly, I think all of us are disappointed by the actions of the few,” I agree with him, we should all be disappointed by the actions of the few.... Bush, Cheney, etc....

4:56 PM
"I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family." - January
27, 2000 - George W. Bush


Not much to update on today, poker wise spent most of last night playing, since the fiancé works late. Back onto Interops/Party, the .5/1 games were getting slow, I lost $15 of my first $25 buy in before deciding to play a Sit N Go (i know, they suck, but I play them when i get tired of the ring games)..

second hand had A5 going all in against AQ, 5 on the flop is when they went in... A on the turn and first player out, good thing i wasn't in that hand...

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t15 (9 handed)

SB (t740)

BB (t800)

UTG (t770)

UTG+1 (t1750)

MP1 (t770)

MP2 (t915)

MP3 (t800)

CO (t695)

Stinky (t760)

Preflop: Stinky is Button with Ac, 8c.

UTG calls t15, UTG+1 folds, MP1 calls t15, MP2 folds, MP3 folds, CO folds, Stinky calls t15, SB completes, BB checks.

Flop: (t75) 5h, Ad, Js (5 players)

SB checks, BB checks, UTG bets t85, MP1 folds, Stinky calls t85, SB folds, BB folds.

Turn: (t245) 5s (2 players)

UTG bets t125
, Stinky calls t125.

River: (t495) Ah (2 players)

UTG bets t545 (All-In)
, Stinky calls t535 (All-In).

Final Pot: t1575

Main Pot: t1565 (t1565), between UTG and Stinky. > Pot won by Stinky (t1565).

Pot 2: t10 (t10), overbet by UTG.

Results in white below:

UTG shows Jh 3d (two pair, aces and jacks).

Stinky shows Ac 8c (full house, aces full of fives).

Outcome: Stinky wins t1565. UTG wins t10.

unbelievable...  then this hand came up three hands later:

Party Poker No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t15 (8 handed)

MP2 (t710)

CO (t755)

Button (t1735)

SB (t740)

BB (t860)

UTG (t800)

UTG+1 (t780)

Stinky (t1620)

Preflop: Stinky is MP1 with As, Kc.

UTG calls t15, UTG+1 folds, Stinky raises to t45, MP2 folds, CO folds, Button folds, SB calls t35, BB folds, UTG calls t30.

Flop: (t150) Qs, Ah, Qc (3 players)

SB checks, UTG checks, Stinky bets t90, SB calls t90, UTG calls t90.

Turn: (t420) 5s (3 players)

SB checks, UTG checks, Stinky bets t225, SB raises to t605 (All-In), UTG folds, Stinky calls t380.

River: (t1630) 9s (2 players, 1 all-in)

Final Pot: t1630

Main Pot: t1630 (t1630), between SB and Stinky. > Pot won by Stinky (t1630).

Results in white below:

Stinky shows As Kc (two pair, aces and queens).

SB shows Ad Td (two pair, aces and queens).

Outcome: Stinky wins t1630.

At that point I basically folded my way into the money, got heads up against a pretty decent player, but ended up winning, nice boost to my bankroll...I then squeaked out a small win in the .5/1 tables before I went to bed...

I might end up going to foxwoods again this weekend, provided they are running the new mini-NL game as promised, a call beforehand determines the trip... if not, I blame it on Bush


From the "Reasons why religion and computers shouldn't mix, here is a story about spyware/malware, where the main 'victim' places her pc under a statue of the virgin mary, rather than, say, i dunno, FIX IT! people like her are the reason why IT people will always be needed, and why I don't answer phone calls from family anymore... later on she gets a grandson to fix it, he says "She was all upset and crying; she's a religious woman. She shouldn't have to deal with this garbage. If I find the people who did this to her I will make them suffer." OK, so the only garbage she has to put up with is priests porking altar boy, because that's perfectly allright... oh, by the way, the earth is round lady...


By the way, before you email me how to fix this (i might actually help strangers, no family though) the variant talked about is CoolWebSearch, or CWS... a healthy dose of spybot and adaware (for some reason you have to use both) they will do much better then praying to young-boy-porking gods, both are available as free downloads (see download.com).

I blame it solely on the Bush administration, using it as an excuse to crack
down on 'indecency' and the 'war on terrorism' I wouldn't be suprised if Cheney
was the author of it, if I could be convinced he knew how to use a computer...

Speaking of bush, A tooth study takes a bite out of the idea that modern humans are related to Neanderthals, of course Neanderthals never existed, because according to Bush's religion the earth is only 10 thousand years old.

I love my fiancé, but she grew up going to a Catholic school. She's not religious now (i don't know of anyone who could be after being raised that way)
but she still has some of their twisted ideas in her head. Take, for existence, her insistence that dinosaurs never existed. Not that they were extinct, or for
any other rational reason I've been able to get out of her...she just doesn't believe they ever existed. All the discovery shows are made up... I enjoy
mentioning this around my friends when she's there..the first question is always
"what about the bones/fossils?" and her reply... "well, they
could be from anything" no matter of common sense will get through to
her... same thing with theories of evolution, not all of them, just stuff like
birds evolving from dinosaurs, or early mammals evolving into humans (she points at squirrels and says "there's your cousin" I point at the crack-whore at the side of the street, say "look, there's your...." then think better... she just cant even see how dog breeds are related...that, if you take two different purebred dogs, breed them with enough with different types of dogs, you'll end up (eventually) with wolves... anyways, I blame the lack of common sense on Bush...

Speaking of Neanderthals...wait, already used that one...

Saddam Bush  and the real ruler of this country, heir-Cheney

Bush proved he can't take a crap without Cheney along for the ride when the only way he could speak (speak, never testify, avoid that whole lying under oath thing that brought down Clinton) was together. He stated he felt confident after the 'talk' Probably because no record was allowed, no reporters, no proof they said 'anything', and since they were together, no chance for Bushy to slip up and let out the truth.


End of my political ranting...I blame bush for the cause of it...


Poker Links:


Felicia has part three of her Vegas
WSOP tourney experience up...

Chicago Phil is off to vegas...once again w/out me...when will I ever get to
go back there...  my last trip was before I started playing poker, and was
mostly free (thank you wagerworks.com) but ended up being almost ruined by the non-closing on our condo the day before the trip, thats a story for another

Chris Halverson, unlike me, actually includes some poker discussion in his latest post, discussing when to defend your small blind...

Over at The Cards Speak the rules of blackjack are applied to poker, like quite a few people, I wasted time playing blackjack before discovering poker... worth the read...


good luck at the tables...if not...I suggest you blame it on Bush...

2:02 PM
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
"Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." - Drew Carey

Just a quick update today, as work actually has some work for me, and I've got a problem that's not solving itself...

I only played for an hour or so last night, the fiance needed help with her access homework (two weeks and she's done, graduated...except for those two summer classes she still needs to take...) but what an hour... interops again, a party skin... .5/1, I was catching up on King Of Queen episodes and watching Fear Factor Models (man they were all a bunch of wimps) and Las Vegas...

After reading some tips from other blogs, i decided to be ultra agressive but still tight, and bet out more, i noticed I've been cutting back on raising, thinking it wasn't doing anything but increasing the amount I'd lose on suckouts... I found a decent table, lots of calling stations, one in particular would call to the turn every time, then fold at the river, or call if he thought he had a hand... I get KK and raise it..the whole table calls... flop comes Kx5, giving me the set, I bet, get reraised and reraise back, still 4 people in... turn is blank, raises all around, river is the 5, also completing a flush draw... i walk away with $40 on that hand alone... i had tagged the one player, after that hand half the table left....so I followed my minnow...he would play a couple hands, realise I was there and leave... Is there such thing as stalking in online poker? I'd be guilty then... finally he either left or figured out how to turn on the hide from search feature... but the table he left me at was another goldmine...player to my left would raise pre-flop everyhand... but would fold to reraises post flop..i won w/the hammer on a bluff...then I got KK again... reraised and capped preflop... flop comes Kx9... turn is blank..river is the 9...I'm seing deja vu as the flush draw is out again, capped with three people showing down... I end up for the one hour session a total of 60bb, very pleased with myself...

I recently sent an email to Kathy Raymond, Directory of Poker Operations at foxwoods, it was about a possibility of tournaments returning, single table tournaments (not for the wpt event), or a low buy in NL game like bellagio and other cardrooms out west are running. Since Foxwoods is really the only game in town, and have been very busy, I didn't expect them to have any of that in the works, or even respond. She wrote back though, heres the news:

It is ironic but I have already placed the order for table plaques in order
to spread a Min/$40 Max/$100 No Limit game. We should have these in by the
end of the week and hopefully be able to start spreading them by this
week-end. This game would be a $1/$2 blind structure.
We would love to have you back at Foxwoods !!

This is a great move i think, I'd love to get some ring game NL experience, but their normal min 200 buyin 5/5 blind game was out of my league (and bankroll) I might be making a few more unscheduled trips once this game starts... I already text messaged mark on his phone with the news, if the game were running now he'd already be down there...

I know some of you readers are computer geeks also, heres a problem I'm having, hadn't quite found the answer yet, but I'm getting closer... non computer people just skip this and go on to the next blog...

-=start geektalk=-
there are several domains here, a 2k active directory enviornment that is linked to corporate headquarters, and the old NT domain. we're in the process of migrating. A user in a lab build a machine (2k), doesn't join it to any domain. When the goto network neighborhood, they see the 2k domain, but not the nt one. They can ping machines in the domain, as well as map to machines there.

a side problem is this, if I ping the netbios name of that machine, it goes to an ip address that is not the one it really has, and times out. If i ping the real ip address, it goes fine. If i do this from within the same subnet, (ie from that machine) it works fine.

I did some research, and I've decided its a netbios problem, possible a subnet master browser issue... everything is dhcp, wins is served by servers out of corporate. I managed a temporary fix by joining the machine to the domain (which they didn't want) then unjoining it, now it sees all the domains...but this is happening to multiple machines in that subnet... I'm in the process of hunting down that machine, but i'm not sure what to do when i find it (it's also listed as the backup subnet master browser) any ideas?

4:01 PM
Monday, April 26, 2004
Well kids, you tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson here is: Never try!" - Homer Simpson

I havn't been able to shake this headache all day, don't know if i'm just exhausted, i slept on my neck wrong, or what... luckily it's slow at work today...

While I said I would avoid party for a while, I decided to sign up for interopspoker.com a party skin. They had a 15% bonus on deposit, so I plunked down $150... reluctantly I sat down at a .5/1 table, and although the bad beats still abounded, I got some decent cards and walked away tripling my buy in...my luck continued through saturday, and my total, including the bonus which I earned, is now around $230...so you can look for me, my screename is stinkypantsi. I also managed to win a $10 sit n go on absolute, and made some money in the .25 NL games....

So i got in touch with my buddy Mark and convinced him to come see the new house and make a road trip to Foxwoods. I've known mark for almost 5 years now, we met while I was at UMass Lowell. As a last minute thing I dragged him along to a info session about Disney's Internship program... we both decided to interview and both got in. We drove down and roomed together, had a blast... since then we get together every couple of months, although it'd been almost a year since our last trip to Foxwoods, we just played blackjack and other table games then..him, of course, leaving up several hundred, and me down...

We decide to leave early on Sunday, the last few trips I'd made on weekends the poker room had been swamped, with wait lists for every game 15-20 long at a minimum... we end up there at around 11am, Mark having decided to practice his skills at a home game the night before (and losing $150 or so)...

The list for the $2-$4 game was only 5 people long, we got seats at seperate tables, but he was only one table away.... My second hand dealt I made what in hindsight is a bad play, but I'd like some advice...

In the Small blind I get pocket 6's, I decide to see the flop... it comes 569 rainbow... I bet, 3 callers... turn comes 8...I bet again, gets raised, then reraised... $12 more for me to call, I know the straight is out there, and the only way I win is if the board pairs, I think about it, then fold... of course, In party-like fashion the 9 comes on the river... and A7 and k7 split the pot... I kick myself... I'm not good at math, but instincts tell me I didn't have the odds to call there, anyone help out?

Meanwhile I look over at the other table to see the floor putting a foxwoods poker jacket on Mark... befuddled, I walk over and find out he'd just hit a royal flush and won the jacket... after playing all of 5 hands... jeesh, he took every opportunity to mention the jacket throughout the day.... Needless to say he was up... and after 4 hours or so we decide to get something to eat... I played ok, probably a little too loose, the pace of the game being so slow compared to online... i hit some horrible beats, mostly a straight and a flush beaten by fullhouses, both to the same guy... my $100 buy in was down to $25 at one point, but back up to $160, then down to $84 by the time Mark grabbed me to go eat... Turns out he had just lost a $150 pot... I'm still trying to figure out how $2-4 can get a $150 pot, but I guess Mark had pocket AA's, and had a full house with three sixes on the board by the river.. you can guess where this is going, but Mark couldn't, as he kept raising headsup to the guy with the 6... he amazingly still left for lunch up $80.

After some horrible chinese food from the food court (the buffet line was longer than a roller coaster at Disney, and not wanting a $30 steak or $10 bowl of soup, we went back to the poker room. i decided to try one of the $60 satellites for the november tournament. I probably should've passed, I recognized half of the table as regulars who I had played against in tournaments before, i had beaten most at some point, but still... I was first out, I lose 300 chips or so looking for something on the flop, then get AK and raise 100 (1k in starting chips) i get reraised 400, I call, flop comes low rags, I bet 100, get reraised all in by the tournament player i recognized... I put him on a big pair, and fold, turns out he had aces and I was screwed anyways... with 300 left I was shortstacked... a few hands later I get J10, raise 100 and get called by the blind (blinds were 25-50). flop comes 10-3-6, i go all in and get called, by the big blind, who had two pair with his 3-6...I was looking for the laptop to throw, thinking I was logged into party again....

back to the ring games, where there was no wait at all...odd for a sunday at foxwoods... the tables were mostly full, but no wait..later the tables were a little shorthanded, not much though, one maybe two seats. I sit down to the table Mark was at before lunch, he's at a different one... The table I sit down at was interesting... 1s was a guy who makes a bad name for native american's, personfiying the dirty-cheating indian steretype... he was new to poker but 'had seen it on tv' and read a book... guy next to him was older, but also knew nothing about poker, indian guy was keen on 'teaching' him... 345 i don't remember, 6 was a local whom Mark had lost the huge pot to with case sixes, i was 7s, to my left was an a near-death older guy who spends 80 hours a week playing 2-4..., 9s was typical NYC/Jersey guy who'd been there all night... I sat down where the small blind had been...so I sat out the first hand... everyone was in the pot, flop came, bet was made... goes around, the dealer, who spoke maybe 2 words of english and had a name like yick or yack or something, deals the turn card before the 1s conveniently forgets to call his two dollars..I would've given him the benefit of the doubt, but it happend 5 more times before i left the table... when the 2s pointed this out, indian acts suprised and tosses in his $2.... old guy to my left has a hissy and says the turn card should be removed.. dealer sits there clueless, finally the floor comes over... old guy trys to explain but can't form a coherent sentence... finally another comes over and they figure it out, now they have to explain, step by step, to the dealer to push aside the turn card, burn and turn a new turn card, then put the 8 back in and shuffle the remaining deck... turns out the only people left were indian and a guy who went all in on the turn... river comes, indian loses (turns out the 8 that was mucked would've given him the straight, i laughed inside at the karma), at this point I wanted out, noone likes an argumentitive table.. I look over at mark's table, see an open seat, ask the floor to move, turns out they had left to buy more money... i turn around, play a few hands...get sucked out on one big hand, but take advantage of indian who check/calls to the turn before folding everyhand. I even got to bluff him out of a pot with THE HAMMER! i was happy, i raised the whole way, got two callers all the way and reraised indian on the river, he folded... I didn't show it though, i was enjoying my tight image... eventually two seats open up at marks table, I ask to move (one floor had said they would move me when something opened) but the other said no, even though it was open seating...so i wait, 5 mins later I flag down the other floor who lets me go...I probably should've stayed at that table, but wanted to play w/mark.. I do ok at that table..end up a couple of dollars when mark busts out (he was playing with the money he won) and didn't want to rebuy, the chinese food was hitting him hard... so my total, first table -$16, -60 for the satellite, and -1 for the second go at the tables (i bluffed a pot w/j10 and got caleld down with middle pair) -77 for the day, not great, but not bad for a whole day of entertainment, including lunch/gas... mark ended up $20 plus his stupid jacket (no, i'm not bitter) we drive home, he had a blast and wants to go back asap, watch the simpsons, have a beer, he goes home..I watch the sopranos but am falling asleep by the end..didn't even log into the laptop....

I learned some good lessons, i definitely need more practice at live ring games, and I won't be wasting anymore money on the satellites... if I hadn't played that I would've been close to even for the day...

I need to work on, and would welcome any suggestions, on table selection. Specifically on party and it's skins... since flop % isn't listed, what do people go on, table hop until they find what they are looking for? what should I be looking for? is it a personal thing...ie some people like tables with an idiot that raises every hand, another prefers calling stations that will call raises/bets with nothing or second best...how to tell? please comment...

(pic) at Lion
has some good reports of his entries into both the first WSOP event
and the $25k even at Bellagio, like me this weekend his AK went down to AA
(although mine was a $60 satellite, his was a $25k tournament)


Felicia was in vegas for the
start of the WSOP, too bad I don't get vacations anymore...

ok i'm so bored at work, and all the blogs have been read, i'll think i'll go bang my head against the wall to get the headache to go away.... see you at the tables...
11:16 AM
A Poker post later, including My trip to foxwoods and a royal flush...

I recently was asked by some friends to be on the lookout for decent deals on
dell computers, this happens quite a bit, so I figured I'd list them here...I'll call it: 

Stinky's Deal of The Day!

not to be confused with the Stinky deal of the day, which can be found in my backyard...

On the laptop side of things, Dell Home has the Inspiron 9100 Widescreen laptop, the pimp-daddy of laptops... a 2.8Ghz HT Pentium 4, 15.4" WXGA widescreen TFT, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 64MB Radeon Mobility 9700, 40GB HD, DVD+r/RW burner, all for just $1259.10 with free shipping... not bad, Here are the instructions to get this price:

  • Go to this Link Inspiron 9100 it will take you to the 9100 preconfigured as above (don't worry you can change it)

  • All of the options for the free dvd burner are already selection, including the free dvd burner. Upgrade/change anything you want, but it may increase the cost.

  • Select Continue on the next two screens, then Add to Cart

  • Use the coupon code DCJJMW8SS2DW0B for 10% off $999+ Inspiron laptops (expires 4/27/04). Use code EXACTLY as shown, with no space after the last letter.

  • Finish checking out, Ground shipping is free

This deal, unfortunately expires on the 27th, so hurry up!

A second Stinky Deal of the day, Restaurant.com has an incredible deal, $25 gift certificates for $3 each..i just ordered a bunch, but they are selling out very quickly. Use code 48831 in the promotional
discount box for 70% off. They're normally $24, on sale for $10, with the discount they are $3! HURRY!

8:02 AM
Its craptacular!
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