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Friday, April 23, 2004
Liberty bell..... another liberty bell! One more and I'm a millionaire! Come on, liberty bell, please, please, please, please, please. D'oh! That purple fruit thing! Where were you yesterday? - Homer Simpson

Just a quick update today, had a small downturn last night, I logged into Absolute, nobody waiting for the $10 sit n go... so I signed up for Planet's single table satellite to the wsop qualified tourney..$25 entry... unlike the PJK tourney's at planet, nobody was chatting at all...kind of eerie... table was tight passive but I had no cards at all... i raised with good cards, noone called.. 6 people left and i'm only up 200 over the starting 1k of chips... I get QQ on the button, a couple of limpers... I raise to 3x the BB, get raised another 300, I go all in and get called with AK, as memories of Felicia bounce around my head, a K comes on the flop, A on the river and I go home...well, I'm already home, i log out of planet cursing is more like it...

Back to absolute...I sit down at a .25 NL table, lose my buy in... I lose half another $10 buy in before i have to 'walk' the dog... I come
back...noticing i was half falling asleep anyways, but waiting for fiancé to come home, I decide to blow off some steam in a .25/.50 table... min. 2.50 buy in, i buy in for $5.. i figure I'd see what it's like to play like a real fish... instead I got a great run of cards, and become super-aggressive-micro-limit-poker-player... of course I hit my hands on the river most of the time..I left with $20, up 30BB
in 30 minutes... now why couldn't that happen when I was playing 2/4? not a huge loss for the night, my absolute roll is still around $200, and i'm still waiting for checks from both paradise and planet..hope they show up soon or I'll have to
start stalking roy cooke...

Since this weekend's weather is supposed to suck ass, I'm considering a run to foxwoods..they've started up the single table tourney's for the wpt event already... first round is a $65 buy in (i believe), top three get entries into
the second round, which is another single table $2xx buy in... first place gets an entry into the third round, and new this year (i think) 2nd and third get entries into another 2nd round satellite... third round is a multitable, paying out as many 10k entries as possible... last year I played two round one's won both...but bombed out on the round two's... they were too packed to play that many..so i'm thinking a late night trip may be in order this weekend...

I'm also considering building a poker table ala this site to keep in my finished basement... but I am not much of a handyperson so how it would come out is anyone's guess...


Mean Gene just managed to describe my life to a t....

"With swimsuit season just a few weeks away, it finally hit me that now might be a good time to start maybe thinking about losing some weight. I'd like to lose, oh, 50 pounds, but it's a bit hard to do that when you spend pretty about 23 hours per day sitting and/or lying down. I get out of bed, drive to work, sit in a cube for 9 hours, drive home, eat dinner, and then write and/or
play poker while watching TV. Pretty much the most physically demanding part of my day is brushing my teeth. That's bad."

With the exception that along with brushing my teeth, I do walk the dog when I get home...yes it's only to the mailbox (about 200 yards up the street) but it IS uphill...

3:16 PM
Thursday, April 22, 2004
When will I learn? The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV! - Homer Simpson

Thanks for the comments, it's nice to know someone's reading...

I spent a little time playing poker last night, mainly during American Idol (I wish they had kicked of Fantasia, I can't stand her attitude, this isn't 'ghetto idol' is it?) although the best was the reaction of the one who did end up going when she found out she was in the bottom three...it was like she thought she had no chance of being there, she was 'that' full of herself...bye bye...

So, i played two $10 sit n go's at Absolute... first one, first hand... I get QQ... i raise 3x the BB, three callers... flop comes 9 high, no straight or flush draw...i bet 200, get one caller and raised the mimimum.. hmmm, i think and go all-in (i know, you're supposed to play tight at the beginning of tourneys, but this was a group one hand, and I like to have a loose image at a table)... raiser calls, one fold, and a third calls....oops... I had QQ, raiser had... KK, third guy had A9... i get ready to go find something else to do, when the Q comes on the river, I triple up and knock two people out, first hand... I ended up taking 2nd... second one I also took second, after crippling myself, then coming back... not bad, I'm up almost $200 at absolute, good for the levels i play at...

I just logged into blogger, and saw a banner asking if I'd like to try gmail, google's new free email service with a gigabyte of storage...being the geek I am, of course i said yes...and since I'd like to probably use this as my main email, for non-poker related things, I didn't choose a creative name like stinkypants or dogsplayingpoker..just my name... maybe they'll let me have two... I bet you are all jealous, eh?

For those that haven't read about the third member of my family, meet Dooley

Dooley, as you may have guessed, is my dog...he's a Pug, around 2 years old, this pic is almost a year old, no, i don't dress him up, the fiance does... I was never a dog person, but i've coped with him really well. A few craps on the carpet, two leaks on the bed (the dog, not me), but he's better now. He sleeps in our bed like a person, even with his head on the pillow, paws outstretched... he snores almost as loud as me... he spends his days lounging on the lazyboy and couch. Coming home is the best..nothing like the happy dance he does when I walk in the door, jumping around, tail going, running up and down the stairs..

I swear he thinks he's a cat, he jumps around like one, up and over furniture, his favorite spot is perched on my shoulder and the couch like a parrot... hes about 25 pounds..big for a pug, but smaller than most other dogs...you'd never guess though, he has no problem going up to dogs three times his size..yet things like brooms and plastic bags scare the crap out of him...I'll post some more pics of him later if anyone is interested... 


On to the Poker Blogger  and news trail, my apologies if I ripped this off from anyone, I just cut and paste as i read throughout the day. i try and
give linkage when possible, but I'm an idiot and forget...

Happy One year anniversary to Maudie, who has some great wisdom and advice on how she has survived and grown the past year, you, and myself, would do well to listen and learn...

Minor Third, who also lives in MA with yours truly, tells how dangerous playing cards in boston can

Under the "don't you think cops have anything better to do" category, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller was charged with hosting
high-stakes card games at his house Link

Here's a story about Harrah's
and their possible use of the Horseshoe name in another strip casino, If i had the money to invest (and i certainly don't) I'd put some money into these casino companies, with the WPT going public, and gambling in general becoming more accepted (except for the religious whackos who try and restrict anything that can't be done inside a church), it looks like a good bet....

From the hypocritical politician dept, interesting article: here
those crazy Texans, maybe we should elect one as a president...hah, that would be the day, if we did i'd be gas prices would go way up, we'd be at war with
'terrorist' countries that happen to have lots of oil, and in the name of 'god' and 'decency' all of our constitutional protections would be taken away...oh..wait...never mind...

and yes, hell must be freezing over, as I agree with a church group, in this article, a christian church group slams Bush on the Clean Air Act... here, on the subject of big dumb animals, check this out, perhaps the Rhino will get fined by the FCC?

In what must be good news to Pauly
A study shows poets die younger than writers

Interesting Boston Globe article on online poker here and another one here,
thats it, keep the fish coming.. i've even got my little brother coming to my next poker night...

HDouble gleans poker wisdom from The Big Lebowski.

Mean Gene explores the
nature of luck
: "We now delve into the realm of the unquantifiable, the mystical, the probably completely stupid."

Thats it for today, hope you enjoyed the show....
3:16 PM
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
"Once there was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. This time is called the Dark Ages."

"Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a
full house and four people died."
- Steven Wright


From http://www.rickblaine.com :

Pick up the nearest book.

Open it to page 23.

Find the fifth sentence.

Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

Here goes . . .

"Dust and other foreign particles can hold an electric charge that
slowly bleeds into nearby components.
" - Server+ Study guide by

Since I'm not sure if anyone even bothers reading this anymore (i judge this by the lack of comments, so feel free to leave a note if you do read this, make me feel better..pleeeeasssee?...fine, be that way)
I'll just continue on rambling. Today's post will be quick, as I'm at work and up to my elbows in laptop parts, amazing how many screws go into these things, and if you saw the size of my hands compared to the size of some of these screws, you'd fall over laughing...

my reversal of fortune at the poker tables has continued since leaving party... I know someday i'll have to go back, but for now I'm happy at Absolute Poker, they seem to have the right mix of decent players, but still enough fish to make it worthwhile...7 people calling you down when you have AA, someone's bound to suck out and beat you..however if theres only 2 or 3 at a table, then I seem to be doing better. After my 5th place in the freeroll, I won a $10 sit n go last night. It lasted quite a while, they give you 1500 chips, and the levels aren't too short.. blinds were 50/100 before we lost the 2nd person... I was on top of my game, playing tight/agressive preflop, agressive post flop, betting big when scare cards came on the turn and river..and, suprise suprise, people actually folded..this isnt kansas..err party poker anymore, toto... As usual I made one bad play and was down to 500, but clawed my way back, getting QQ at least 3 times, AK two also helped... I then entered another $10 sit n go, since no interesting multitable tourneys were starting, and took 6th place after blowing most of my stack chasing an open ended straight into what I knew was a high pair.... i had q10, flop had KJx....

I then reluctantly sat back down at a .5/1 table, ready to be destroyed by suckouts... 40 mins later I left up 15BB, due mainly to getting a fish who would call everything down to the turn, fold on the river, or raise if he had a hand... he reloaded twice...thank you ken2...lol.... I decided to try some of planet's wsop satellites, i've had good luck at their site, even if the interface blows.... errr, needs improvement (sorry Roy Cooke).... enough for now, everyone seems to be in vegas while I'm stuck in my cubicle reading about their trips...lots of fun...see you at the tables...

2:08 PM
Monday, April 19, 2004

I apparently just lost my uber-post I spent all morning working on, but got called away to fix a zip disk so didn't post... it was wonderful, had movie reviews, funny stories, lots of poker links, oh well.... BACKUP YOUR WORK! i make fun of users all day for losing data..shame on me...

Heres a shortened re-cap:

Movies: Forced to watch Somethings Gotta Give, short review: chick flick, long review: dunno cause i fell asleep through most of it

Story: Meet Woody, he moved into my neighborhood, caused a ruckus, he's one of those red-heads....making lots of noises, trying to pick up chicks, causing damager... yes, hes one of those...a woodpecker... waking me up at 5am every morning by sounding like a jackhammer..ON MY HOUSE... not fun... long story short, it involved a trip by me to walmart, purchasing of one bb gun ala the red ryder in a christmas story (no, i did NOT shoot my eye out, yet), first shot, bang, one down...hour later second one gets hit... they are probably still alive (it was just a small pellet) but for three mornings they've stayed away from my house...believe me, i've been waiting like elmer fudd hunting wabbits...

Poker: I've given up on Party for the time being... I guess i'm still trying to figure out the type of poker player I am. Given my history, I don't do well at party playing low limit limit poker... I've done much better at paradise and planet, where there are still some fish, but also some decent players in the mix. I mean I can win the PJK tourney one day, with twenty-something good to very good players plus a professional, then lose a mojority of my bankroll playing .5/1 the next... So on friday night i blew off the rest of my roll there....

I then decided to deposit into Absolute Poker, I've heard good things about them so put some money in, they had a 15% deposit bonus... I played some .5/1 and did ok, lost a little... I then moved over the .25 NL table, the min. buy in is $10, which is great, and blinds are low, but the avg pot size is around $10 normally... I have much better luck there, ending with me getting pocket 10's, raising $1, getting a call and a raise to $1.50... i go all in over the top, get three callers (oops) they turn over 66 and AJ, river brings a 10, turn brings an A and i triple up with a full house...i leave then...

I head over to Planet Poker, buy into a $10 tourney, turns out it's limit, around 25 people enter, i do suprisingly well and finish 3rd for a nice profit...

Back over to absolute, I enter a $5 tourney, 19 players, I again take 3rd, for twenty something dollars, plus got an entry into the weekly $1000 freeroll on sunday night. I play one more $10 sit n go and win it, for a nice $50 in winnings...

Fast forward to sunday night, 7pm rolls around and I get into the 1k freeroll at absolute... I do ok for the first couple of levels...play a couple of hands...then around 8pm i realize i needed to get my hair cut (i go ultrasimple and just shave my head...usually the fiance does it) so I make a series of all-ins with decent/semi decent hands, they either win or don't get any calls..and all of a sudden i have 25k chips, avg stack size is 10k... The top 27 pay, with 27-15 not making mroe than $12 or so. I do well, and actually am close to the chip lead by the time the sopranos roll around... i then realize i missed the PJK tourney...oops sorry guys, missed out on another chance for me to woop all of your asses lol...

I'm up to 150k in chips at the final table, two small stacks go down, 8 people left... at this point I'm up and down, at one point i had a stack of 230k, but averaged around 170k or so... everyone had at least 100k for awhile... I call a couple of bluffs, i had been playing for awhile with some of these people at the final table, and correctly put them on hands most of the time...unfortunately I correctly read two hands in a row, had the best hand going in and got beat on the river both times, but I did manage 5th and a $60 payday...my $150 deposit into Absolute is now up to $250 or so..not bad...

So it looks like i'll stay there for awhile, I plan on going to a party skin soon, since Empire made it clear they don't want my business, I'll look at one of the others i've heard about...if you want to sign up for Absolute *shameless shill ahead* you can use my link here If not mine, use someone's from the blogging community... see you at the tables...and remember..SAVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!
3:12 PM
Its craptacular!
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