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Friday, April 16, 2004
"This very week in 1989, there were protests in East Berlin and in Leipzig. By the end of that year, every communist dictatorship in Central America had collapsed." -George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Nov. 6, 2003

Well i'm back...never actually went anywhere, but how exciting is it to hear about my slowly losing my bankroll on party to obscene suckouts at .5/1, pairs of Kings losing to runner runner flushes (holding 9/3 and nothing buy one of the suit on the flop, calling raises the whole way).

You can also call me bubble boy, as 'every' sit n go i play, no matter the level, I come in 4th. Last night was a little different, instead of logging into party to let the sucking begin, I went to planet and got into a $10 NL multitable tourney...I use multi loosely as a total of 26 people entered. First hand i get pocket 10's, I know this is a very dangerous hand, especially early in the tourney... however it's checked around to me, I make a 3xbb raise, and get reraised the minimum...i call, flop comes low rags...checked to me, i go all in..and get called by pocket 6's. My 10's hold up and I double up... I stayed at that amount for the next 4 levels or so. Not getting many hands, and the one i did get, A4 hearts, two hearts on the flop, the phone rings, and apparently my cordless phone likes to kick me off the wireless to my on-loan laptop, i reconnect and the hand's gone, no all-in protection apparently... eventually its down to 4, top 3 paid, i get KQ suited, flop comes Q9X rainbow, i raise a standard amount, get called, this continues to the river, when the one other player in the pot, about the same size stack, raises all his chips except 50 or so...this seems odd, there was a straight draw, but i didn't have him on it...I call and he shows second pair, and i'm in the chip lead...he busts out next hand, and i'm in the money. unforunately I dont get any further, I dont remember the hand I went out on, but I was the best going in (AQ against K9 and a 9 hit i believe) so i walk away with forty something dollars, not great, but good practice to the PJK tourneys.

That reinforced my belief that I play better against better players. This explains why I suck so much at .5/1 on party. I also think i'm a better NL player, but I think i'm a better NL tourney then ring game player, and I don't have the bankroll to lose an entire buy-in on one bad call... After getting sucked out at on party for awhile, i switched up to 1/2, i ended up 3bb after 30 mins or so, but felt a lot more confident I could beat that table given more time..so maybe I'll risk more of my bankroll and try that this weekend, maybe some more planet tourneys too.

On a personal note, after this horrible northeast winter, I've been itching to move the hell away from here. Convinving the fiance is a whole other story, but I can dream. Since vegas would never fly, florida is my second choice, after spending a semester in orlando, I like the area, lots to do, nice weather... i've decided on St. Petersburg, the house prices are cheap, tampa is right there and there are quite a few tech jobs according to my informal research. Plus all the parks/entertainment isnt too far a drive away... so now to work on my mind-control techniques....

I recently changed my screenname on party, my old one was created over a year ago, so I am now rechristened 'stinky_pants', so come steal some of my money, or say hi, i don't bite...not since the whole restraining order thing anyways...

Grubby is giving away his tax refund to anyone who signs up with empire with his affilliate link, qualifies for the vegas dreams freeroll and finishes in the top twenty... not bad...i'd go for it but I still havn't been able to get an empire account setup, and yes I've tried the whole different computer thing...maybe its time to try again...

Pauly's in Vegas and sounds like he's having a good time, read up, why the hell don't I ever get vacations???

well, enough for now, see you at the tables...
9:16 AM
Monday, April 12, 2004
Down in a hole and I don't know if I can be saved - Alice In Chains

That pretty much sums up my weekend. I won't go into too much detail, but my party account went back to zero, I had to rebuy, and I've lost half of that. .5/1 is just brutal, all my decent hands, two pair, straights, full houses have been losing to hands that nobody with an ounce of poker knowledge should be seeing the flop with, much less calling down raises the whole way. i tried tighening up, didn't help, tried loosening up, but only ended even, and I felt like a schmuck when i did finally get a suckout or two on the river.

Now I didn't lose most of it in .5/1, and thats probably my problem. I'd get tired of buying in for 25bb, then losing 10 of those over an hour or so. So i'd play a sit n go. Over the weekend, I placed 4th in all buy 1 of my 6 sit n gos. That included a 30, a 20, two 10's and two fives, me placing second in a 10. I did manage to cash another $50 out of paradise, and played off the last $16 so i have a zero balance there. I also cashed out $150 of last weeks' PJK tourney win, $50 to firepay, $100 coming via check. It's not a disaster, but I'm clearly doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what. If I lose this last buy in, I'll probably take a break and re-read some of my poker books.

I played a lot this weekend because I had borrowed a laptop from work. an older one I had fixed up, I loaded up the wireless card I had from my old laptop I had to sell off, and was sitting pretty on my couch, watching tv and playing poker..should've been in heaven...but i could only play one table, maybe that hurt my chances...maybe the laptop is just bad luck...

So i had to defend my title in the third PJK tourney put together by Felicia. I got back from Easter dinner around 7, emailed and got the password, 16 players total. I loaded Planet on the laptop, and sat down with the fiance to play and watch the sopranos.... the tables were shorthanded, 8 to a table, i went down to 1500 fairly quick, I remember pushing the player to my left out of a hand after an Ace hit and i had nothing in a hand I shouldn't of been in. I raised the hammer and noone called... and once again EOS was my downfall when I raised with A10, got reraised and went over the top... he had AQ, and my 10 hit on the flop...but so did a Q, and I went home 1 out of the final table. Stupid play on my part, but consistent with the weekends i've been having. Congratulations to Pauls Burbon on the win, I logged back on after the Sopranos and saw the last hand... I did get to see the whole episode, although not too much happened, and after I got to help (ie do everything) the fiance with her MS Access class. I just don't understand when computer stuff doesn't come naturally to someone... the stuff she's doing, although I'd never worked with it (switchboards) before, i figured it out in 30 seconds...I spent 45 mins explaining it to her...now she wants to drop the class, and put off graduation even longer..wonderful...

I did get to play a little with Pauly on some NL tables, I didn't embarass myself too much, and watched him have a much better weekend in a 3/6 game. I should try and learn something from him lol...

An article from the Oklahoma Daily about students using Poker more now as a form of entertainment, I like the quote “[In poker], you’re always talking about stuff when you’re playing,” said Shane Clanton, advertising sophomore. “You can kind of relate it to girls going to get a manicure. It’s mostly a social thing.” The full article is here.

from the "giving strip-poker a bad name" dept, we have Teacher Admits playing strip poker with girls

9:45 AM
Its craptacular!
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