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Thursday, April 08, 2004
""Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." " - Buddha

Once again I got shut out of my pc for most of the night due to the fiance doing 'homework'. I'm all for homework, and all for her getting her ass out of school and getting a full time job, but when her idea of working is setting everything up on the desk, then getting a phone call and spending the next 55 minutes chatting, hanging up for 10 minutes, then getting back on the phone, I don't see that as being very productive. Especially when it's cutting into my poker time.

So i sat down to catch up on tivo, and considered popping in the third matrix movie which just arrived thanks to netflix. before i could, the dog insisted on going outside... we go outside he freaks out over a tiny little cat, and runs back inside...5 mins later he wants out again, i never thought i'd have a sissy for a dog...

Around 10 fiance decides to goto bed, I give up and decide to join her...but somehow she decides that she doesnt want the tv in the bedroom on.... now, for the 7 years that I've known her, i've 'always' gone to sleep with the tv on, thats what the sleep-timer is for, duh.... I can't just lie down in silence and goto sleep, i need to be listening to homer or the discovery channel.... Even when i lived down in Disney World and didn't have a tv in my bedroom, I still had to have the radio on to get to sleep (much to the annoyance of my roomate, after we got back, he couldnt goto sleep w/out a radio also). So i get pissed and decide to play poker, thinking i'm bound to have a losing session because i'm angry (even making plans to return the just-bought patio furniture).

I only open one table, as i'm trying to export my poker tracker database and upload it to Henry's ftp server, but was having no luck with the password, but in an hour doubled my buy in and was up 25bb. I lost a little but cashed out up 23BB, back over the $100 mark at party. Tonight I should get to play more, fiance is working late. I finally got Pauly's Party name so I can watch his adventures, I'm reading about them all the time Pauly

The wonder of blog's in general...there is a "poker" feed setup in my syndirella, it just lists any post with the work poker in it... this one from a Joseph Fox wins my "bitter ex of the day" award:

So. . . In short. . . Thank you ever-so-much for deciding to take what little left I had to my name, Elizabeth Michelle Armetta, and shoving it up my arse with the blunt end of a red-hot poker. You stupid, overbearing, overly-attached, emotionally unstable, emotionally dependant, psychotic, mentally-unstable piece of garbage. . . If you're going to bitch at me, or about me, I would think you would at least have the common desency to do so to my face, much like I did to you a few moments ago. Oh yeah. . .I'm mad, now, Liz. Before, I was just indifferent. But now? I'm fucking mad. Prepare for all-out war, woman. . .
And I know you still read this thing every so often, Jennifer. . .so I would highly suggest you keep to yourself, on this one. I still like you, more or less. And although I know this is falling on deaf ears, I want you to stay out of this.

So at work i have some down time..i mean service pack 4 on windows 2000 takes sooo long, what am i supposed to do? so i set up a laptop, and once in awhile i log into party, other times I load up some games, the game of the week is Civillization III. It's a stategy, turn based game, the whole world domination thing, it's great... and it's also very long.... so i play a turn here and there, the game waits for me patiently... what got me writing was a pop up command asking me this: "China has finished work completing "The Cure For Cancer" would you like to build "ICBM" instead?" Of course i said yes, nothing like nuclear weapons instead of beating cancer.... Of course I only use them as a last resort, earlier today I made the mistake of sending one over to blow up Athens, but China got pissed and sent 30 of them my way. So i go back to my last save, and this time I have enough to wipe out those pesky Chinese... hmmm, i wonder if this will get me on some of those terrorist black-lists... better not travel anytime soon...
2:57 PM
Wednesday, April 07, 2004
"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest" - --Denis Diderot

Not much to talk about on the poker front, the time change has forced me to fall asleep earlier, thus cutting into precious poker time. I've played a little, sunday i reloaded $100 into party, and promptly lost half, but i'm back up to $85 now. I've found I must play at least two tables, anything less and I get bored and play too many hands. usually a tournament/sitngo and a ring game are good, but i havnt had the lenght of time to invest lately, the fiance has had a lot of schoolwork to do, read i end up making powerpoint presentations and access databases for her.

Since everyone in the poker blogger community seems to use yahoo messenger, and i've traditionally used aol, i signed up for a yahoo account...after 954 tries at a name that wasn't taken, my yahoo id is stinky_pants2 , feel free to give me a shout, talk poker, *ahem* college, whatever... my aol id i'll put up on the sidebar too.

I've spent a lot of time catching up on my tivo'd shows, Sopranos, simpsons, king of queens, starting to watch deadwood, finally finished the 2nd episode of kingdom hospital (i love the term 'king if ice cream'...mmmm ice cream) And of course i've been keeping up with the plethora of blogs out there at work.

Today at work I got the wonderful assignment to count every pc in the company. Since there are quite a few, many very old, or not connected sitting around, a lot running linux, Sun machines, etc..i asked if they wanted every physical machine...the response did nothing to clear anything up..so i counted. The other person also doing my job (there are 2 of us) estimated it would take a day, i said 3/4 of a day..total time spent...1 hour. 773 total pcs (the estimate before was 400) 90 something laptops... makes me wonder if they are considering selling off the company... I have no idea what they do here..we're part of a telecommunications company, and this site makes a product that ISP's use, basically the main product they sell could run an isp big enough for every house in the country to have a cable modem... which meant I had to wonder around through labs full of thousands of cable modems where they test the product (hmm, why am i still paying $5 a month to rent a cable modem when I have 5 sitting under my desk..)

I watched an interesting episode of law and order special victims unit (i'm waiting for the "law and order: crack whore" series) where a bunch of african american men got together to play 'poker'. Well it turns out that 'poker' was actually gay sex... but they didn't consider themselves gay because they had wives...they even used the term 'down-low'. I'd never heard of it in that context...down low info... jees i live a sheltered life....
2:19 PM
Monday, April 05, 2004
Once again my rss feed bit the dust, if anyone can help give me a shout, or if anyone knows a reader that supports atom that doesnt suck, let me know... 11:39 AM
Lemony Fresh Victory is Mine! Lemony fresh victory is mine... - Invader

Ok, so my weekend didn't turn out 'that' bad. At least it ended up on a good note. After losing my party bankroll this weekend, I entered the 2nd PJK tournament put together by Felicia. Special celebrity guest once again was Roy Cooke, host of Planet Poker. I never figured out how to get the hand histories (all right Felicia told us but I was too lazy to request them every 25 hands) so if anyone did get them, could they forward them to me? I remember a couple of hands, but otherwise most of it is just a blur...

First off, I think I had a somewhat unfair advantage at the first table. Felicia was at my table, and didn't go out the first hand (although QQ was her downfall...again), I don't remember the others, but the two to my left were both absent, letting me pick up their blinds quite a few times, giving me some chips to work with. I even got defensive when others tried to steal the blinds I was stealing, I believe it was mean gene who raised while I was the button and the dead blinds were to my left... since the raise was small, and I had a healthy stack I called with Q2 off suit (I know, what the hell was I doing)... again I don't remember the hand, but I ended up putting Gene all-in with at least trip 3's, putting him out....

I just had a great run of cards, my pocket 7s flopped trips, and the board paired on the river for the full house, I had AA at least three times. By the time we were down to two tables I was the chip lead with almost double the 2nd place chip holder... of course noone would play w/me then, I then proceeded to
take down uncontested pots, including KK, followed by KK, 72 (off suit), then AK, again no callers... describing hands is not my specialty (since I can't remember most correctly)

The final table was great, I started with around 15k in chips, but tightened up, with my history of blowing chip leads I figured it'd be best... I did raise one pot w/the hammer, but got called and nothing hit on the flop, so I had to fold to a raise...I slowly bled down to 12k or so, and was down to 2nd or 3rd in chips, with several big stacks around me... Roy Cooke was now at my left, which was a plus, but I do remember making a horrible call that cost me almost 2/3rd of my stack, I had KJ and raised, Roy called and the flop came J high...I missed the straight possibility (of course Roy had flopped the nut straight) and proceeded to lose my stack, although I don't remember if I went all-in or not...

Roy at one point was down to 700 chips, but came back to be a big chip leader at the final table. I managed somehow to get my 5k back up to 15k. Fast forward...last weeks winner gpoker  finished 5th on the bubble. JsonHoldEm was next, followed by RickBlaine, who for some odd reason spent most of the night with some form of 666 in his chip amount, had his A3 cracked by Roy's K5

At this point (well, far before this point also, but I got lucky) I was severely outgunned. Kind of like an old west shootout where I pull out a slingshot and Roy has a machine gun... heads up I believe Roy had 25k to my 20k (correct me if I'm wrong) and I quickly learned heads up play is my weakness... Roy went all in several times from the small blind, and when I made stupid small raises he would push all in the way a good player would. I did manage to fight back, had the lead for awhile by reraising Roy and taking down a few pots...eventually (again I'll elaborate if I get the hand histories) we were just about even, I think Roy made a decent raise, I reraised all in with AQ suited, he called and in the .25 seconds it takes for all the cards to show up, the pot pushed somewhere and the 'tournament over' window showed up I figured I lost...till I saw the 48k stack of chips in front of me...turns out Roy had pocket 3's, and I paired the Q on the flop to win. I was extremely lucky, and would've been happy with anything better then last week's horrible finish; I think Roy's wife wanting to go to dinner might've had something to do with it, but this does help my bankroll, and I'll be there next week.

I learned a lot, and I'll be hard pressed to make such a showing again, thanks again to Felicia and Roy for setting this up... best comment of the night, not sure whom it came from, but I think we were heads up or 3 left:

unknown: Roy has to get back to playing in his 80/160 game

me: lol and I have to get back to my .5/1 game


One more thing...I'd like to clear this up after Felicia and hdouble both called me 'college boy' during the tourney... I'm NOT in college... haven't been for a few years now. I was thinking about it...my fiancé 'is' still in college, part time on the 6 year plan but will be finishing this semester. I'm 26, live
outside of Boston (Yankees Suck!). In high school I played football, wrestled (I was at one point ranked 2nd in the country) and was a state championship finalist. I never quit finished college, I spent a year at Western New England College, a year at Framingham State College, and 1.5 years at UMass Lowell, I
then did a semester internship at Walt Disney World where I worked on a Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith. Now I'm a system administrator for a telecom company.... got it!? no more college boy, or I'll come kick your ass, mmk?

9:39 AM
Its craptacular!
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