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Saturday, April 03, 2004
Doh! One of those nights...i should've just said screw poker and gone out drinking....but the fiance was working, the dog was sleeping... and now my $60 party bankroll is kaput... brutal beats tonight, every playable hand had the worst possible flop..AA got three to a flush, not my suit, my two pair on the flop pairs the board so my bottom pair is useless...crap like that, i go on tilt (again) and start playing $10 sit n go... with a buck somethin left in the account, and one sit n go still running (although i am 2nd in chips now, i'm sure it'll change). Looks like i need to take a break from party...although I do have that backup i withdrew from paradise...*sigh*....

I've pretty much given up on raising good hands at .5/1. It doesn't drive anyone out of the flop, the blinds will always call, and they almost always stay to the river and get runner runner straights or two pair... i'll only raise with AA or KK, maybe queens or jacks...

I also think i've been playing way too loose. I seem to be in too many hands. Seems like i'm playing blackjack poker, where any two face cards are good enough to play.... I'll have to look into my pitiful stats on pokertracker and see.... see everyone tommorow night at the PJK tourney, may be my last for awhile unless my bankroll improves....
8:32 PM
"I won't sleep in the same bed with a woman who thinks I'm lazy! I'm going right downstairs, unfold the couch, unroll the sleeping ba- uh, goodnight." -Homer Simpson


Last night I had a decent night, I was up 20BB or so. I didn't play during the day, i did check in by usual lunchtime fish wasn't on, so i didn't bother playing.

I was in a .5/1 table, and noticed a player that was raising a ton. They then turned over some horrible hand and lost a $15 pot after raising the whole way. They then continued to do so...every hand. Laughing, i started playing, calling one raise to see a flop, then either folding or raising to build the pot. I was way up, but they got lucky a couple of time, getting a turn of 7, river of 4 to make two pair with their 74 offsuit... and several similar hands... once they'd bust out at a table, or after 15 minutes or so, they'd move. With the magic of Party's buddy list and find a player, I'd be right behind them... this went on for 4 or 5 tables, with most of the night's profit coming from this one player... we played shorthanded for awhile, which was great, with a full table it wasnt as profitable... I'm waiting for them to log in agin, no luck so far tonight. I'm still not convinced whether this was a bot gone bad, a lousy player, or someone's pissed off ex blowing off a bankroll. They raised 100% preflop, and about 98% the rest of the way. i saw one or two checks, and maybe one or two folds...anyone else see anything like this???

So i've been thinking on this poker tracker project, letting it rumble around in the emptiness.... Heres the current thought after my fish chasing expeditions on party....

Looking through the features of PT, the best, besides letting you see your own stats and analyze your play,is the 'player performance summary' screen, it shows the name, site, level, # of sessions, hands, $ won, bb/hour, all the relevant info... for instance, for my approx 3000 hands, i have 1200 unique players on 3 sites, 5 different play levels, with approx 40% winneers, 60% losers, 366 hours played. The #1 loser is down $90, and you can be sure they are on my buddy list at party.

So the idea is to pool people's hand histories/poker tracker databases together, and find the biggest fish on party, the...err.. whales, and then go on a whale hunt.... i think you get the idea....

SO how to get started... we need to put together hand histories. If you'll send me your hand histories , i'll combine them, and export a 'whale' list of the biggest losers. We can publish this last weekly, monthly, whatever.... If you will send your hand histories to me (instructions on how to export from poker tracker below), as a start I'll send you back 'my' whale list, which has 51 people who have lost $25 or more at mostly party (some paradise) at .5/1, and $25NL mostly. Once combined, you'll get the complete, combined list of fish.

Obviously we'll have to work out the details, but i think this is a really strong idea that can be very sucessful. Eventually I'd like to set up an ftp site to get the incoming files, and maybe a website (any good name ideas?) for now email will do.

Instructions on how to export hand histories out of poker tracker:

1. create a directory on your hard drive for the files. I suggest c:\poker or something easy to remember
2. on the utilities menu in pokertracker, chose 'export hand histories to file'
3. enter your 'poker' folder to export the hand files to
4. change 'hands per file' to 300
5. select all dates, leave everything else unchecked
6. choose start export
7. this will create a bunch of files in that directory, mine was around 4mb. This is kind of big for email, so I suggest compressing and combining the files into one. This is easy to fo with winzip available for free download. Once installed, highlight all the files, right click and choose add to zip. This will compress and combine everything into one file. You can then attach it to an email and send to me at poker@worcesterpc.com.

3:47 PM
Friday, April 02, 2004
English, who needs that? I'm never going to England! - Homer Simpson

no poker last night, caught up on some of my tivo stuff, and watched the apprentice with the fiance...

In the 'follow the pack' department I'll do a quick recap of some current interesting blog entries,

Felica, in what may or may not have been an April fools day post, says she is now banned from the Belle casino, it's quite an intersting story and turn of events, i suggest you go read up, hint: the phone number for the casino is listed in case you want to call and bitch them out. The Link

Showing the sense of humor this blogger clearly lacks, Tao of Poker either got a great sponsorhsip deal or had a good idea for an april fools joke...my bets on the second....

Welcome to the neighborhood Tilted Litt, a new poker player who from the looks of it is a whole lot smarter than me, and is currently in Taiwan, i can imagine the time difference (according to him, 9pm there is 8am here) can make it hard to find some of those juicy games...good luck...

I've been familiar with designing/creating websites for awhile now, I've created a few personal, a couple of my own business type ones, never very sucessful. But i've always used traffic/site meters, i find it interesting to see how many people and where/how they get here... blog's are very interesting, and when they get crawled by google its amazing how a site can come up... here are the top ones for my few week old blog:
"bad boys of poker"
"seinfeld poker"
"poker at work"
"how to setup pokertracker with partypoker"

very interesting... enough for today, have a great weekend, i should be playing a bunch, it's supposed to rain the whole time.

1:52 PM
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Warning: the following quote may contain sexual content unsuitable to some nutjobs. However, this did air at 4pm in the middle of a weekday, so please don't fine me, FCC:

a rainbow party is an oral sex party it's a gathering where oral sex is performed and rainbow comes from all of the girls put on lipstick and each one puts her mouth around the penis of the gentleman or gentlemen who are there to receive favors and makes a mark um in a different place on the penis hence the term rainbow
The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday, March 18, 2004, yet to be fined by the FCC

I usually write these posts in the morning, today's is late, kind of a backwards day. It seems lately my 'system administrator' job has consisted of reading poker blogs and, today, replacing not one, but two laptop keyboard that took a bath in coffee....

My feedster RSS feed decided to croak the other day, still havn't figured out why. All of a sudden I noticed my new posts weren't showing up in syndirella, i looked at the feed and the dates where out of whack (i wasn't alive in the 60's but apparenlty i was posting about poker then). Feedster support was of no help (they did manage to leave me a comment, but no answers) So i set up a new one, which seems to be ok so far, for those of you that do read me, the new feed is at http://subscribe.feedster.com/stinkypants2 if anyone understands the whole rss thing and wants to explain what happened, the old feed is the same like above, without the 2.

On to poker.... I didn't get much time in last night, the fiance was busy trying to find websites to spend my money on... but after my slaughter on party the past couple of days, I went back to paradise.... I sat in a .5/1 game, and entered what I thought was a $10 sitngo no limit, turned out to be limit. The limit ones take forever, and you don't get those one or two maniacs who bust out the first round... but it turns out a monkey could've won with my cards, but the time is was down to 5 players, I had 6k chips, everyone else was under 1k. i was hitting almost every flop and draw, amazing... then w/the big stack i had fun raising with junk being the bully, i don't get to do that much anymore. So i end up $50 for the tourney, down $5 at the .5/1 table... I cash out $50 into firepay to build up some reserves... I logged into party and ended up even after half an hour, but a new king of queens episode was on so I went and watched it w/the fiance....

bankroll at the end of the month (started with two $100 deposits)

party: $65
paradise: $100
planet: 45
reserve (in firepay): $50

for a total of $260, or up $60 for the month...not great, would've been much better if not for party this week. And I only started playing a lot the last half of the month, heres to a great april!

If you've followed my ramblings for awhile, you'll know that i've talked about howard stern and his fcc troubles. It's amazing how much the yahoos in charge of the government today are turning us into a taliban-like religious led state where free thought is banned and you are pursecuted for critizing the government. I encourage you to visit Stop The FCC and sign their petition to stop the FCC from inflicting the religious nutjobs twisted take on 'decency'. It must be nice for Colin (my daddy got me this job) Powell Jr, head of the FCC, who is clearly just a puppet for religious organizations and a president who didn't win an election and got the office by a technicality

What got me is that Janet Jackson was bleeped for using the word jeebus... hmmm, if they are censoring across the board, those sunday morning tv church shows should be very interesting, kind of like a scene from reservoir dogs on TBS (with all the bleeping)....

I don't really have a strong opinion on that matter or anything (lol)

Whats funny (if you are still with me after that rant) is this morning i'm in the shower, fiance knocks on door and says 'they've pulled Howard Stern off the air!' of course it didn't suprise me, I didn't listen to his show often before, but do now because this whole thing bothers me... anyways the fiance has listened every morning for years...apparently she went downstairs and cried for ten minutes...yes, over a radio show... she then got angry, went on the computer and wrote a nasty-gram to the fcc.... I had hoped to post that letter, but I fear I'd get fined by the fc... oh yeah, i also couldn't pull it up from work...lol... anyways, right after she sent the email, they came out and said it was all an april fools joke... for some reason this really amused me, not what Stern did, but how fiance reacted...i laughed all the way to work....

enough rambling, time to go home! good luck at the tables
3:21 PM
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
ouch Ouch.... thats all I can say about last night.

It started off well enough. I had some time during the day to play, and actually tripled my $25 buyin at a .5/1 table at party and was up to $75, total party bankroll $175. i then blew $25 in a nl table, but was back to $160 by the end of the day.

Come home and log in during american idol (most of them sounded horrible this week), lose a buy in at a $25 table right away...ok...log into a .5/1 table, decide to play a $10 sit n go... second hand of the sit n go i go all in on the river with top pair ace kicker and get called by two pair, j-2, made it ont he river, both smaller pairs....friggin ridiculous...

anyways, the bleeding continued, losing consistently on 1 out of 3 tables, while staying even or just above on the other two.... out of frustration of the absurd beats i was taken, i took $50 of my last 80 and sat down a at a $2-4 table, deciding to only play premium hands, but ramming then when i did.... i also sat down at another $10 sit n go... I finally got a hand at 2/4, AQ suited.. i raised, 3 callers... flop comes XXQ unsuited... a bet, i reraise, gets capped... turn comes another Q...bet, i reraise, gets capped, only one player left... turn comes a rag, 6... i call one bet, and of course the one guy left had friggin q6 and had raised the whole way with the dominated hand, until of course the river... i finally left with $10 of my $50... I ended up taking 2nd in the sit n go, my party bankroll is currently at $60. back to .5/1 for me, luckily i still have my paradise roll, and enough for another PJK tourney at planet... although If i lose the party bankroll I'll be taking a break... I've been studying to take the Server+ certification, and have been putting it off, if i quit playing poker everynight i could probably pass it...nah i'll just study at work lol....

One plus side I had my first sucessful fish hunt in the afternoon... I looked through pokertracker, found a target, used party to locate the table, got on the waiting list... sat down at the table, and doubled my money in 10 minutes. This person blew through 3 reloads, calling everything. They left the table, followed and sat down next to them, and doubled a buyin again... they finally left, but i'll be doing that again. If anyone wan't to trade a fishing list, I have a good one for .5/1 on party.

TV -
American Idol - as I said i watched this last night while being slaughtered at party, I liked the guy with the gap in is front teeth, JPL, George Huff was good, but everyone expected that, being motown week, the redheaded guy was absolutely horrible..and whats with Fantasia??? her name makes her sound like a hooker, and her attitude doesn't help any. She may be able to sing, but do you have to look like ghett-trash? So i had my fix of reality tv for the night

The Practice - I tivo'd this from sunday night, I love this show, i've watched it since the beginning, too bad it's going to end, but i hear there is a spin-off... it's also funny that my real-life lawyer's office is just about where the show's lawfirm is in boston, too bad they don't return my calls lol... great episode, and suprisingly no serial killer or rapist this time...

here is what all casino ads should be like (thanks to loveandcasinowar for the link.

unrelated to my flogging last night, poker violence

thats all for now...
9:16 AM
Monday, March 29, 2004
"I bet Einstein turned himself all sorts of colors before he invented the light bulb."
- Homer Simpson....or myself on Planet Poker's off choice of 1980's Atari Style graphics

What a weekend....

last night saw my horrible downfall in felicia's weekly tournament at planet poker. I wasn't in the best mood (see "playing poker while angry, why not to" later) and I didn't see a decent starting hand the first level and a half... so when i got AK suited in late position, I raised 400, only to be reraised all-in... i said the hell with it and called, of course my AK didn't improve against QQ and i was done...but i did outlast felicia who went out with QQ against AA i believe a while before me.

As for the rest of the weekend, I ended up down a overall, did horrible at paraside and rings games, but won one $10 singe table, and placed third in two others. I also had this odd situation...i registered for a $5 multi table tourney about 15 mins before it started, then realized it was limit... i didn't have the patience to play limit, so i unregistered, and joined a $10 single table... about 15 mins later a window pops up and I'm in a seat at the $5 tourney!! i played, but i emailed customer service asking what had happened...of course they were useless and said that's odd, but didn't offer a refund...I'll think twice about playing tourneys there i guess...

At party, again i was down quite a bit. I played in one single table $10 and lost. I also played a single table $10 qualifier for the million $ tournament. I won that table, and won an entry into a $64 single table tournament, if i won that i'd have a seat at the million dollar tourney. this was friday night around 10pm... halfway through, i'm average stacked, get AA...of course the dog then decides he 'really' has to go outside, and the fiance won't move...so i get through the hand with a crying dog at my feet, and go AFK..get back 5 mins later (he took his dam time finding just the right spot) i came back shortstacked and angry and blew the tourney...

Stinky's Poker Lesson #43: Don't Play Poker Angry

Poker is a way for me to get away from crap, away from the everyday life stupid stuff... It relaxes me most of the time. Of course it seems like the objective of the dog and fiance are solely to disrupt my playing time. This angers me... we've also still been going back and forth over the stupid patio furniture thing (she found one she likes for $450, i thought it looked cheap and wasn't even comfortable....i then found one at target that was still $400, but at least was comfortable, but it didn't 'match' the house..wtf?) so when we got back I sat down then proceeded to burn through my bankroll.... same thing last night, this time the argument was i spent all weekend playing poker and didn't do anything around the house (this discussion happening right after I had started a load of laundry, picked up after dinner, and was in the middle of folding clothes) she then goes to bed w/out settling things...this really bothers me... she's the type of person who will have an argument, then go to bed. The next morning she'll wake up and apologize...i'm the exact opposite...if it's not settled, i don't sleep... or if i do it's an angry sleep and I have a horrible day the next day, and when she tries to apologize in the morning it just makes me more angry....

I stuck around the PJK tourney until the final table, then went to bed... I still don't know who won, Felicia has a year old post up today, and my Syndirella somehow reverted back to an old version, when i got the new one up all my settings were gone, so i now have to reload ALL of the blogs...jeesh...

The fiance decided to have a poker game at home. She refuses to come to foxwoods with me and play, and won't play for money online. She watches on tv though, and I did manage to teach her how to play and she goes on and does the play money thing once in awhile. For christmas I got a nice poker table, set of clay chips and automatic shuffler... about a month ago she invited some family members and some older friends over and we played for fun...it was a good time... she decided to do it again, this time for a little money... we only ended up with 5 players, myself, the fiance, her mother (who was tipsy when she arrived, and with a full bottle of wine in her just got annoying), her brother, and his girlfiend (with their baby in tow). The mother's boyfriend was also supposed to come, but didn't show up, something about catching fiances mother in a lie (she said she was at grocery store, but was at bar instead, and boyfriend was parked behind her car at bar while she was lieing)... so i spend some time, google home poker tournaments and come out with a blind/chip structure, a $5 buy-in tourney, one rebuy, one add-on after 4 15 minute rounds... sounds good, I print up some sheets with poker hand rankings to help out....

Everyone shows up, buys in... we play a couple of hands, brother just constantly bluffs, mother just constantly calls... after 4 hands they decide to take a break,break lasts 30 minutes...this continued most of the night, brother busts out early, gets mad and leaves... mother, getting wasted, is next, fiance is out, she played ok, but thought she was a genius when she noticed i only played when i had good hands, so she would fold whenever i was in a pot... brother girlfriend actually played well, and if i hadn't picked up all the chips from everyone else, she might've lasted longer...in the end, noone rebought or added on, so the prize pool was a whopping $25.... some adjustments had to be made.. only i dealt, blinds lasted one orbit instead of 15 minutes, or we'd only get 1 hand a level... more of a 'lets get together and eat food' kind of thing, and poker was an afterthought.... hopefully i'll be putting together a tourney at home w/some people who actually want to play....

TV/Movies -

I've decided to start a section on my second love in life...TV... my baby is a nice 54 inch RCA Scenium D52W136D, 16x9 HDTV integrated progressive scan dvd...i start drooling just thinking about her.... my baby. We just got directv installed since Charter cable is evil, and I was able to sell off my old tivo and get a directivo, which is amazing... hours and hours of stuff i actually want to watch, at the tips of my fingers...

So shows that I watch regularly, i'll update my thoughts on them every once in awhile...

The Simpsons - Like coming home and settling into the ass-groove of my couch, The Simpsons have been a staple of my life for longer than i can remember, and even though i end up deleting most of them off the tivo because i know them line for line, I keep recording them, hoping that I find a lost one, or as a standby in case everything else just sucks...

The Sopranos - Finally back baby, since the tourney was at 9 last night, I didn't watch them, but tonight me and Tony have a date....

King Of Queens - This is a relatively new show to me, and i've enjoyed catching up on the Heffernans, and since they are on 3 times a night I have a steady stock on tivo, and the fiance likes it too, not to mention that i could be the main character, if I delivered packages and had a hot wife.

Kingdom Hospital - Stephen King is a favorite of mine, and although most of his movies end up sucking like a recent Ben Affleck film, his books are amazing. Just recently I finished the latest edition of the Dark Tower series, I love how he ties his stories together (The Stand, Talisman, BlackHouse, and more all have ties to the Dark Tower series). I started recording this new weekly series on ABC when it started, but just started watching it this weekend...amazing is all i can see, freaky ant-eaters with teeth, ghosts, vampires, it's got it all... my favorite part though in the first episode, theres a scene in the parking lot and in the background a song is playing that I've had for years on a live recording of dave matthews and blues travellers, it's a country-fied version of Snoop Dog's Gin and Juice... I used to embarass the fiance and friends and blast that song driving along in the ghetto here... I would recommend this show to everyone.....

Enough for now, back to work...
10:31 AM
Its craptacular!
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