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Friday, March 26, 2004
"Gambling is the future on the internet. You can only look at so many dirty pictures." - Simon Noble, an Austrian-based internet bookmaker

I spent some time cleaning up my site, changing the template, the links, even created a feedster feed thanks to Jeremy at love and casino war I followed his intructions here and now have more blogs to read than i know what to do with, but I'm happy. I actually had the software installed, but it was an old version and never worked quite right, but Jeremy's got a great list that he keeps updated (hopefully I'll be on that soon, lol)

Didn't get much chance to play online last night, fiance is still on a mission to bankrupt me with spending, she was looking at more patio furniture... our last place had a balcony that was like 5 by 3 feet and scary to stand on, the new place has a giant, two level deck (one level, then a step down to a bigger one) and of course she finds the most expensive one, even at target or walmart... i told her we'd look at yard sales next weekend, i don't think she's speaking to me lol...

But i did manage to log into paradise, cash out my $50 i plan on moving to planet for the PJK tourney this weekend (info here) just waiting for it to hit firepay. I sat down at a .5/1 table, and decided to try a $10 sit n go. The tourney was fairly tight, but i'm not sure they were the best players, I busted one guy out after being low stack for awhile, had around 2500 with 7 people left. i get pocket 10's, raise to 300 (blinds for 50/100) two callers and a raise to 500, I go all-in (i know, probably not the brightest move), and get called by ALL THREE, they were all fairly short stacks, under 1400 each while i had 2600, so even if i lost i'd still be in it. my pocket 10s were up against AK, AQ, and KQ. i thought this was good since 6 of the 16 overcards were out already.... flop comes XX10 with low cards, no flush, turn and river are both blank and i'm at almost 6k chips...woohoo i ended up heads up 8k-2k and called an all-in with 44 (he had been going all in w/any playable hand i didn't raise) he had k9 and i won $50...woohoo! I think i'll be moving back to party though, I want to get back into the 25 nl games now that I have poker tracker to track the fish...anyone care to give me some to add to my buddy list? I'll share some of mine!
9:41 AM
Thursday, March 25, 2004
screw this... So i didn't like how blogger handled the links, the green was getting to me. So i changed the template...and lost all the links..eventually i saved them, i have no idea how someone who hasn't spent quite a bit of time with HTML could figure this out... still working on the styling and getting my picture back.... hope it's easier to read.... 3:48 PM
Not much again to report today, i've been busy all day building working laptops out of piles of old ones...not exactly a fun job, but someone's gotta do it.

Thanks for the link and traffic from Icey in the World of Poker add another one to my list to read, screw work lol... One of these afternoons when I'm waiting for windows 2000 service pack 4 to download I'll update more links , I've decided the let the traffic grow itself, and if either of my two readers want to spread the word, they will, otherwise I think just writing this helps me think about my game/life from a point of view I don't usually have.

I spent about an hour playing two .5/1 tables at paradise to finish up getting my bonus money. i was down most of the time, but finished up a little and got the final bonus bucks. Total from my $100 deposit is not $110. Thats after the $20 tourney I bombed in. I think i'll be cashing out and concentrating on party, hopefully getting my bankroll up enough to move to 1/2.

i've had some interesting feedback on the pokertracker project, keep it coming, and if anyone wants to donate some hands for testing, let me know....

One interesting hand, besides my KK and QQ being busted continously... I get AA on the button, raised twice before it gets to me, i cap it... flop is XXK rainbow... again i cap it, another blank comes on the turn, again it's capped, by now i'm worried about trips but am committed to losing my money... river pairs a low card, a 5 i believe, one bet to me, I rase and get called by two people....showdown...
first guy - KJ for top pair... me - AA, third guy......... AA...figures, though i end up w/half an $40 pot...

I'll be moving some money over to planet poker for the weekly tourney that Felicialee was kind enough to set up, hope to see you all there, of course I'll have to bring my best suck outs with me....

I was briefly considering going down to foxwoods tommorow or saturday for their new england classic tourneys, $300 and $500 events. but decided against it. if i went, then I couldn't defend myself when my fiance brings up spening 500 on goddam patio furniture again... plus playing online I have a much better chance...maybe next year i'll have more of a bankroll.... anyone going, be sure to get there at 7am, it'll be a long day.... see you at the tables!
2:57 PM
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
not much poker updating today, I got home from work last night and promptly heard "I need to use the computer tonight to write papers" from the fiance, who is on the 6.5 year college plan.

Of course as i sit down to catch up on my episodes of king of queens and other tivo goodness, the house help desk phone rings (well, its not actually phone, but a loud yell) that her email is screwed up. So i spend a good half hour fixing her email setup, while she finds someone to talk on the phone to. i finish, she's still talking away... i think, hmm... and a sly grin comes across my face as I load paradise and bring up a couple of .5/1 tables. An hour later when i get kicked off again, I had been down almost a tables buy in ($20) but ended up just about even, losing a couple dollars for the session.

I went back downstairs and watched last weeks Soprano's episode, the fiance said it was boring, I loved it. nothing like a good beating like those landscapers took, and the old guy wandering around the ghetto was great, not to mention the kids selling candy for the 'church'.

I've gotten a little feedback on the poker tracker database project, but am waiting for some more. To do that people might actually have to read this, so today I might be begging for some links from my fellow bloggers, not my favorite thing to do, maybe I'll just leave notes in the comments. Not that my ramblings are anything great to read, but I think this pokertracker idea has some good potential.

Since I finished my latest book on tape and concluded the entire harry potter series during my commutes, I've been listening to Howard Stern in the morning. Now i usually don't , nudity on the radio just doesn't appeal to me. but lately he's been dealing with the whole FCC thing, which I think is a load of crap. His rants about the FCC and Relgious Rights are dead on. This country is turning into a taliban-like state, which a few religious nuts running things. I myself am not religious, but coming from two very different backgrounds (jewish and catholic) I support people rights to practice whatever they choose. However, keep it to yourself. Keep the preaching, bible thumping crap off the tv, radio, and especially out of government. I've dealt with religious zealots and the nepotism that comes with it in a previous job, and thats mainly what my whole lawyer thing is about, so i may be slightly biased, but only based on my own experiences.

A great sight I came across is The Brights, a group of people who choose not to enlist in specific organized religions or cults which, traditionally, have been used by the few rich and powerful to control entire populations and countries (ie, taliban, bush, etc)

Ok, i'll step off my soapbox, and return to the originally scheduled poker content next post. Please know that I do respect everyone's right to their own religion and beliefs, and I'm sure I'll be roasting in hell someday....
10:24 AM
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
The fact that he relies on facts....says things that are not factual...are going to undermine his campaign George W. Bush, New York Times

In case you havn't seen it, Travel Channel is running a contest for a chance at playing the 'bad boys' of poker: Travel Channel contest Here
hmmm, my chance to try and get Phil H to swing at me so I can take him out lol....

So last night I went back to paradise poker, didn't feel like playing in the $20 rebuy tourney again, so sat down at the .5/1 tables to work towards my reward money... I don't know wether it was the cards or the table selection, but i could've sworn the fish at the table were lining up to shove money down my pants like I was a chippendale dancer. I ended up $60 after an hour when I got called away to do laundry....
I sat back down decided to enter the $15 10pm multi table tourney. I played this while playing a .5/1 game. I learned a lesson, it's not as easy to play two tables at once if one it limit, the other a no limit tourney, I got very disoriented, and my good hands always seemed to come at the same time at both tables.. I did horrible in the ring game, lost a good portion of my winnings to bad beats and poor plays, i even hopped around to different tables...no luck.

The tournaments was another story, around 450 entries, I played real tight until the second round, I went all in with the nut flush, got two callers and I was chip leader! I stayed in the top 15 for most of the next few rounds until I got QQ in late position, I reraised a small raiser, he went all-in, I had him covered by almost double, so i called, flop comes 10QX, he has J8 offsuit. turn is of course the king, and the river, well, you know of course that is the Ace the crippled my stack. I was down to the intial stack of 1500 then.
I built it back up a little, went all in and picked up a few pots, and had 9k by the break. top 50 paid, and I was in the money.... on the button I get a10suited (my hand o' death it seems), checked around to me, i raise to three times the blinds (which were 6/1200 by then) get called and flop comes 10 high. checked to me, i go all in get called and see JJ in the small blind...nothing comes and I go out 47th. for my 2 hours of hard work I made my buyin back plus a whopping 1.90, go me. my bankroll at paraside is around 95 now, up 15 from yesterday, down $5 total... I seem to be getting better at tournaments, but always just squeaking into the money, i need to figure out how to get to that next level... I guess I'll stick to 10 to 20 tourneys, once (if) i can conistently place in those I'll move up....

on a non-poker note, WTF is up with banks... I applied, back in january, at charter one bank for a home equity line of credit, this would refinance the one I have now, but give me an additional $20k in credit so I could pay off my credit cards with my savings, but still have the line of credit in case of emergencies.... after taking forever, faxing over everything like 4 times, i signed 2 weeks ago. however they still havn't funded it. They claim they havn't gotten the payoff from my existing HELOC, which is stupid because i've requested it 5 times now. But to top it off, now they are saying they will pay off all my credit cards with the heloc. the ones listed included several that had zero percent for another year, and one that was joint w/the fiance... I told them I didn't sign up for that, and it wasn't kosher since half of the ones listed I had already transferred, and didn't want to have to go hunting down payments made to cards already paid off, besides thats not the reason I was getting the loan, I only listed those debts because they require you to, not because i wanted them paid off. So the bank manager, who is clueless (what do you expect for a bank in a dam shopping mall, although i applied on the net, they referred me to this dope), calls the main office, who apparently can only be reached through special telephones in the bank (since it's impossible for ME to talk to them directly), takes days to get back to me and says that all i have to do is show that those cards are paid off.... i told them it's non of your business, that nowhere did it state that this was a contigency of getting the loan...ridiculous, so now i'm looking into other places, since even if they did fix it i'm not sure id want to do business with a bank who can't even fund a loan properly... *sigh*

9:13 AM
Monday, March 22, 2004
Money can't buy happiness but it can buy healthcare "And as for your case, don't you worry. I've argued in front of every judge in the state. Sometimes as a lawyer." -- Lionel Hutz (simpsons)

Lawyers are evil... I've yet to have a positive experience with them. Currently I'm involved with one concerning my former employer. I did this on the urging of an uncle I rare talk to. He is a professor in Sweden, graduated from harvard and a couple of other schools... he reffered me to 'the best' employment lawyer around... I met with her, she agreed to take the case, mouth watering (i won't go into it now, but its a fairly obvious discrimination thing, against a very large organization). However, that was around thanksgiving... since then I've sent bi-weekly emails and phone calls, and pretty much gotten no response. We have yet to file a complaint, but according to an update a few weeks ago they are now planning a federal first ammendment case. What I don't understand is, with something obviously so important to someone like me, why they can't send a weekly update, even if nothing happened. I understand they are busy, but jees... it's like pulling teeth....

meanwhile on the poker front i've been having much better luck, after my first place in the money on a multi table tourney at party, I spent an hour or so playing .5/1 the next day, with the fiance around I couldnt spend too much time, but in between hands I was typing one of her college papers for her. I took by $25 buyin up to $80 before I got kicked out. Later on I entered a $5 sit n go (i know i said i'd stay away, but there weren't any multi's and I was on a roll from the tourney the night before) and ended up placing 2nd. My bankroll at party, initially $100, is now just below $200.

Then in an apparent brain fart, I signed up at paradise poker, thinking I'd play in FeliciaLee's sunday night tournament.... but apparently I was way off, in that it's not starting till next week, and its at PLANET poker, not PARADISE...oops, my mistake.

So since I had money at paradise, I entered their nightly $20 tourney, then realized it was a rebuy/addon, and didn't feel like investing another $20. So I played thinking i wouldn't rebuy and hoepfully have enough chips to not need the add-on... I did ok, out of 1000 players, I was 300-400 throughout, but dropped down to 1500 before the break. On the last hand, i went all in w/KQ suited and lost to JJ, the fiance was happy because she could finish her paper...i went to bed early, happy i didn't waste that 2nd $20 on the rebuy. I'll be playing some .5/1 there to get the deposit bonus, the tourney's didn't seem too bad either, we'll see if I can work with a bankroll on there too.

I did a whole lot worse money wise outside of poker, however. Last week I opened some mail to find an unexplained check for $3000. The celebrations didn't last long as it seemed the fiance had already spent most of it in her head. Turns out the money was from an escrow mortgage insurance account that was from the condo I sold back in september. I wasn't complaining.

So the spending began... i never knew storm doors were so expensive...i guess it helps if you pick out the priciest ones. The front one had to be ordered, the back was was installed yesterday, complete with movable screens/glass. I was upset because it appeared to be missing a part, and there were some unexplained bulges down by the hinges... since it was already installed, we now have to take pictures and send to the company for warranty...it works in the meantime, but for almost $200 wtf is that?!

Next up on the purchase front was a new grill. The old grill got left behind on the balcony of our old condo, it was one of those small round ones but took propane, made famous for the constant barrage of sausages that would roll off the edge while I was turning them, make the journey across the very small balcony and fall three floors to the parking lot... after looks at lowes, sears, and finally home depot, I was either rooting for the really nice $300 one, or the cheap-o $99 grill... fiance had another idea and chose the $170 one, bigger than we need for the two of us, but will be nice for cookouts... christened the grill with hamburgers after I spent the afternoon assembling (and another hour convincing fiance that the extra bag of parts really was extra, and not my lack of mechanical skills) and didn't blow myself up with the propane tank. Burgers were great, real test tonight w/some t-bones.

One more thought for anyone reading this before I head out for lunch... I broke down and purchased poker tracker, great software and I recommend it, still discovering new ways to use it. One idea I saw mentioned in another blog (sorry don't remember where) was to combine everyones databases, or share hand histories to help identify trends and big fishies.... I am working on setting up an ftp site, anyone contact me if interested in participating and working out the details email me. I know there may be concerns about other people seeing your hand histories. Myself i don't care because i play very straightforward, and if you want to join the list of people trying to ruin me go ahead, theres probably a blog out there devoted to my downfall :) But there are ways to exclude certain players, only include hands where you didn't show hole cards, etc.

My thought was the easiest way would be to export databases to files using the export feature in pokertracker, putting them all up on an ftp site (probably compressing/zipping them to save space) and having daily/weekly updates. Access could be limited to only those who share more than 1k hands, or there could be ratios (ie for every 1k hands uploaded, you get access to 3k hands), or it could be restricted to those actively contributing histories (ie you contribute your updates each week, you get access to that week's updates) please comment, I'll be working out the idea and spreading it out, If you are interested in testing let me know... I'm off to lunch, good luck at the tables everyone!

11:23 AM
Its craptacular!
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