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Saturday, March 20, 2004
and the winner is..... not me.... after having almost 20k in chips, i whittled it down to 8k at the bubble, then after getting in the money went all in w/AK suited, got called by...AK unsuited and 1010.... 10's won, we both went out.. i get $35.80 for finishing 129th...oh well.... 12:29 AM
Friday, March 19, 2004
Save me jeebus!!! Just a quick update, i've been busy the past few days and havn't had much to write about.
I've only been able to play a few short sessions, and my $100 buy-in at party has gone up and down, up to around 130, down to 50, right now sitting around $100. I've been at the 25 nl tables, .50/1 and i moved up to 1/2 for a night, did ok, sat at the 6max tables and felt confident, but didn't want to put my smaller bankroll at risk so stopped after a short gain. I played in on 5 sit n go and of course went out 7th all in to a bad beat, oh well.

Tonight I built my 25 buy in at .5/1 up to 50, and decided to buy into the $20 multi table. 2nd round i had an unbelievable run of cards, knocked 5 people out in 4 hands, right now its the 5th leel, i'm aroung 3600, average is 2500, 713 out of 1700 players left. The significant other saw I was playing poker again and started to whine, till i pointed out the first prize was almost 7k...i think she's already spent it...

I swear for a while i felt like I was playing in one of those slot machien tournaments where the machines are rigged to always give high payouts...every card hit, i had QQ 3 out of 5 hands at one point... however the cards are running slower, and at this point I'm just trying to stay alive and steal enough blinds to keep my stack above average....

I'm still trying to get money into empire...i managed to register but it won't let me deposit from firepay, i've tried calling but can never get through... i registered a bank acount with their igm service, but then realized i registered it under my party account...doh...
I'll be setting up a paradise account for the tourney on sunday, hope to see y'all there....
10:23 PM
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
"You call...gonna be all over, baby." -- Scotty Nguyen

I didn't play any more monday, I was too busy cleaning up dried crap on the rug and floor, and don't think I need to go into details. Tuesday I actually had some work at work, so after work I decided to sit down, play and watch American Idol...I have this thing about reality shows, I can't stand them, yet I always seem to watch them..go figure...

First I downloaded truepoker to see what everyone had been talking about...seemed ok, but was too slow for me (i guess the fact i was copying a dvd in the background didn't speed things up... then I tried to put some money into empire again, which again got declined, I called the number and of course couldn't get through, so i gave up and just put another $100 back into party.

So I sit down at a 25NL table, third hand in I get 77, I make a small raise, get a couple of callers, flop comes 937 rainbow, woohoo I say... I bet $3, one folds, other guy raises to $10. I put him on overcards or a big pair...and reraise all in....he things about it, calls, and has KK....of course the K comes on the river... After i'm done yelling at the monitor I leave that table, sit down at two 25nl tables.... for about an hour and a half I'm even, up on one table, down on another, then reversed, since it was a good seinfield episode on, i gave myself to the end of it and then I was going to bed... finally i get a decent hand, a-10 suited, raise and get 6 callers, flop comes jqx, i call a $2 bet from a loose player, turn is a blank, another $2 raise...I call thinking he's got nothing based on how many times he's tried to bluff me out of a pot..river is a K... he bets $10, i think and reraise him all in $35 for me...he calls and shows KK. I end up the night up $30...I was just happy to make up for that bad beat that cost me my first buyin....

Thanks to Guinness and Poker for sending me what looks like..well...all of my traffic so far. Hopefully some others will link, and I'll be continuing to add to mine... see you at the tables!
10:33 AM
Monday, March 15, 2004
lessons learned today ok, a few things i learned today:

Don't play poker at work..... ok so today was a slow day, and i spend most of it loading cd's into computers at my desk imaging them... doesn't take a rocket scientist...i also dug up an older company laptop, got it working and was able to angle it so that it can't be seen from the hallway. I loaded up party, logged in and proceeded to lose my $25 on a horrible play.

AK suited, on the button I raise, get a few callers... flop comes 6k6one of my suit. Checked around, I bet $2 and am called by two players. turn is a blank but puts out a flush draw (not my suit) checked all around. River is the K, give me a nice full house, i'm pretty sure someone has a flush... first player checks, second bets $5,i re-reraise all in, third folds.........

and I bang my head repeatedly onto my desk as the second player calls and turns over 66...not sure how I played that, my head hurts too much right now to analyze it. I then went on tilt and lost my remaining buy in, thus ends that chapter of my party story, subtitles including "doh! how not to play poker online" and "why not to play poker at work". I then tried to setup an empire account, finally managed to, but it won't take my firepay account, says it's declined, I dont have the time to call from work, but it's frustrating, i'm just not looking forward to buying back into party, should I try another site? hmmmm.....

Another thing I learned...don't feed your dog people food, no matter how much he begs and whines...
the last week or so my pug (see above) wasn't eating his food, we figured it was the fact we changed it a couple weeks ago... then I notice he was flinching when drinking water...now you don't know my dog, but hes very jump, things like plastic bags, brooms, vacuum cleaners, squirrels, etc scare him.... and it turns out last week he was given a nice shiny new set of water/food metal bowls.., instead of the cheap plastic one he's had for over a year... I hold the bowl up to my head, laugh, then do the same to my sigificant other...she almost jumps at the scary, distorted reflection in the bowl....now imagine that when you're trying to eat/drink... as a test, i take out his old bowl, put the food/water in it, and he goes nuts and down it all...problem solved....

well, he got his revenge today.... after going through two bowls of dog food, 1.5 hamburgers, popcorn, and whatever else he could get into his mouth, i get a tearful message and call home... turns out the revenge was getting diarrhea all over our brand new carpets.... and as she so gracefully put it "not just one or two spots, but like twenty!" I know, more detail then you needed to know...I'll be going home to survey the damage now, hopefully the cleaners worked, i think i'll forgo the poker tonight, relax, watch some tv and try and get rid of this headache (and losing streak!) cya,

The only monster here is the gambling monster that has enslaved your mother! I call him Gamblor, and it's time to snatch your mother from his neon claws!
-Homer Simpson
5:25 PM
bleh All right, let's not panic. I'll make the money by selling one of my livers. I can get by with one. --Homer Simpson

All in all not the best weekend.

I realize driving home from work that I must've damaged my hearing somehow...whenever theres no sound I hear a buzzing sound, kind of like crickets at night, this used to happen after I went to a loud concert, and when i worked at Rock N Roller Coaster in disney world, part of the job was listening to the preshow with Aerosmith over and over.... where we would stand would be loud, and some other places were near some loud sounds...

So because of this i'm not in the best mood, and I can't get to sleep, i decide to get some poker playing in. I played till 3am, and played very little the rest of the weekend, the results speak for themselves:

My bankroll at party is now $45. bleh. This a result more of my own stupidity then the crappy cards and ridiculous bad beats I was getting. It seemed for awhile everytime i had a playable hand, A10, AK, 1010, etc, an overcard would flop or the board would pair, and the tight player still in the pot would raise and reraise....

I would've done a lot worse if not for the $25 NL games on party. I'd play two tables at once, one .5/1 limit and a 25 NL. I'd slowly lose my money at the limit game, then make up for it with a big hand at the NL, mostly ending up even. Then I decided to try some party sit n gos....big mistake.

I remember a long time ago when I was first at party playing sng's and losing money, but didn't remember why. I'd had decent results with stars sng's. It must be the structure that doesn't agree with me, with only 800 chips and the blinds going up after a set amount of hands, stars has 1500 chips and timed levels... My experience was horrible, I'd go all-in with the best hand, and lose to runner runner straights, flushes, etc... my AA lost to 92 offsuit when a 2 came on the river giving him three of a kind... end result, none, zero, zip finished in the money, one $20, two $10 and two $5 sng's later, I'm back to by $50.

I went back to stars and played off my remaining $12 in $5 sng's and lost those too, finishing on the bubble (4th) in each one. Oh well, I'll stick to the 25 nl tables at party for awhile, try and focus on my NL game....

I'm not too concerned about the loss, I went through several swings and a few cards changed, i could've been up by $50 instead of down. besides, this amount of money is nothing compared to what the significant other is draining out of my checking account, with a newly remodelled bathroom almost finished, she's already set her sights on the kitchen... jees....

well, in the words of Homer S. "I'm not normally a religious man, but if you're up there, save me, Superman!
10:16 AM
Its craptacular!
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