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Friday, March 12, 2004
Last Night - Welcome Back to the Party - (Poker Content) While I enjoy writing about poker, I'm sure some of you have absolutely no interest in my personal life posts that I'll be getting into soon if things don't pick up here at work, so I've decided to clearly mark poker and personal posts for your convenience..... I spent several hours playing last night,

So with $17 left in my pokerstars account, I decided to give up and re-introduce myself to party. Well, first I tried to get into my newly created empire account, no luck, when i finally did get in it said I already had a party account, looks like I'll have to try and create one from work, I was able to scrounge together a nice laptop that I can angle neatly so people walking by the cubicle can't see...hmmmm

So giving up on the bonus at empire, i deposit my $50 into party. I sit down at a .5/1 game which seemed fairly tight, until a couple people sat down and started raising everything, eventually I opened a second .5/1 game also...

I also realized that it will be very difficult to play three games on my monitor. I have an 18 inch lcd flatpanel...which is great, but... the highest resolution isn't that high, and I can only fit two compelte game windows at once...why the hell can't you resize them??? 25 minutes later I get kicked off the computer because the significant other (read: she who spends all my poker money) felt the need to look up new kitchen cabinets online...wonderful..., however I was up to $70 and feeling much more confident....

A while later I sat back down and tuned into survivor (not as much fun this week w/out Sue screaming about Hatch's crotch) and opened up party again. I sat at a .50/1 table, and also opened a $25 nl table.

I've never had great luck playing limit in live casinos, at foxwoods/mohegan I probably totalled even in the long run. I seem to do much better in the live NL tournaments i've played, and the NL sit n go's have kept me afloat pokerwise...it might be my poker style, or my inability to lay down hands I know are underdogs when all it takes is 'one more bet' in limit...

So i'm gradually losing money at the limit table, but my stack is growing at the NL, I'll plug the hand histories into pokertracker tonight, but after several hours of up and down I was still at my original $50 (two $25 buy ins), $40 at the NL and ten left at the limit. I left the limit when i got up to $15, the NL table was down to $30.... when my first AA in four hours of play came flop comes J9x off suit, 4 players bet minimum before me, I raise to $2, get 2 callers. Turn is J, checked around to me, i bet $2, one caller. River send me an A...woohoo i'm doing the homer simpson dance around my room, thankful that these poker sites don't involve webcams... the dog comes barking out of the bedroom looking at me like i'm nuts.... remaining player bets $5, I raise to $15 and he calls, he shows J9 for the smaller full house and I goto bed with my party bankroll now at $96, not bad for some of the horrible plays/cards I had during the session, I'll need to take a look at where I'm making stupid plays... hopefully i'll get some time in this weekend, and I'd like to start linking to some other blogs and get some feedback....
11:29 AM
Thursday, March 11, 2004
how I got here (pokerwise) So about a month ago, i had just finished a contract (more on that later) and was bored around the house, my signiciant other said why don't you play some poker...since the money worries were somewhat relieved, I reluctantly (yea right) agreed and deposited $100 into pokerstars. I get another contract right away so don't have a lot of time to play, maybe one $5 sit and go every other day or so. As of last week, i had my BR up to $150, I moved up and played a couple $10 sit n gos and got up to $190. Fast forward to last night, after reading a bunch of poker blogs (i'll list later) I'm excited to get home and play.

First I try and sign up for empire, after hearing about the garunteed tournaments...I sign up...but can't log in...send an email to support, they say try back tommorow..umm..ok...
I then withdraw $50 from stars into firepay, wanting to put it into party and begin playing.... forgot that it takes a day or two to show up...
Ok...i have some cash, I'll just use firepay and grab some more out of checking... well firepay has an error (i later found out it was a system wide thing), and even set up a 2nd account w/different checking just in case...
I should've given up there...but no...i go back to my $130 on stars, sit down at a 6max 1/2 table..but $20 in...middle position, second hand, I get aqoffsuit, but its raised and reraised by the time it gets to me...i muck...and of course flop comes xqq, turn is A... pot was $30 w/out me in it...
I should've given up there...but no...I play badly, get down to $5, put another $5 in.....then i change tables, this time to one w/one person sitting at it, minimum buy in...i come out aggressive, he's folding, I won the first 6 pots, he rebought 3 times and handed over to me before he left...table had gotten full by then, but I was up to even, around $45.... of course I get some big bad beats, then go on tilt and lose it down to $10...
I should've given up there....but no, I say screw it and play in a $50 sit n go (WTF was i thinking, i should've just gone to bed, oh well), I play pretty good, am the big stack w/5 left,and lose my KK to a straight after i flopped a K...I have 400 now...build it back up to 1400, but am still the short stack, I end up going out w/ AJ vs a10 and the 10 hit the board.... well, with $17 left at stars, I GAVE UP THEN!

Tonight, I'm taking the $50, putting it in party and will start with .5/1, or maybe some small no limit (i did suprisingly well before in the .10/.25 stars nl game... I've downloaded pokertracker, looks great, but I can't bear to look at it after my hosing last night...oh well...
11:29 AM
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
I told myself for a long time what would be the point of me writing one of those? Who cares what 'I' have to say? So I never did. Now, I come to find myself in a new job (more on that later) with a bit more free time during the day. There's only so many news web sites you can surf before you go nuts. So, I started surfing around for my hobbies. Only problem, I really don't have any... Well, I play poker. OK. I've always ready the poker newsgroup weekly since I started playing, never bothered posting. Problem was, there is way too much junk on there to be useful. So I started reading some blogs. My favorite posts on the newsgroup were mostly trip reports, and a blog is just like a really long trip report.....

So why Stinkypants2? Well, I think the more relevant questions is who the hell is stinkpants, and why is he using my name?!? This country can only hold ONE stinkypants...Well, upon further inspection, it turns out stinkypants1 is from Canada...So I guess I won't have to kill him....For now...

So I've been playing poker for a couple years now on and off. And, despite everyone's comments whenever I sit down at a table at foxwoods (NO, I don't bring the baseball cap and dark sunglasses), I started playing before the whole TV poker thing. Actually about 6 months before moneymaker and the whole wpt thing. I used to head to foxwoods (about an hour away) with friends every couple of months, we'd play blackjack mostly. The crappy thing was that the casinos were so crowded on weekeds, the lowest tables would be $25 a hand, and they'd be full. There were a couple $5 tables but they'd have screwy rules and were packed three people deep anyways. Since my gambling budget would usually be a hundred or two, 4 or 5 losses at blackjack and I'd be going home....Not fun....

Then, one night when I was watching some of those neverending travel channel shows about Vegas, they had Scotty Nguyen on and followed him around, playing poker, this a couple years after he won the wsop. On our next trip to foxwoods my buddy decided to learn Caribbean stud poker, I had no interest (read:money) left so I wandered around into the poker room. So I decided to learn to play poker. I signed up at partypoker, deposited $50, had no idea what I was doing and lost it....hmmm...I then went out, bought a couple of poker books, read them, deposited $50 more at partypoker, and ended up a little up. I then forgot about online poker for 6 months or so, I played a couple of times b&m, mostly at mohegan sun until they closed their room (bastards, I loved their cheap weekend tournaments). Then the WPT and moneymaker came along, but I didn't have the time to plan online (between working and moving).

Come October I get laid off (I'll post later about that), so all of a sudden I have much more time for poker! :) by this time I feel I have a better grasp of what I'm doing, and even have half a strategy. I played in a couple of weekend tournaments at foxwoods (and now they cancelled them, bastards), with my best finish being 28 or 29 (one spot out of the money) So I load up on pokerstars (I had gone through party and didn't like their software, Ultimatebet but didn't like their sit n gos, and settled on pokerstars, their software was/is great, and the sit n go's are always easy to get into. I basically played to keep myself busy and out of doing work around the house....

Meanwhile the WPT was hitting foxwoods for season two, I make my way down there since I'm not working, and try to get into some of the tournaments. It was incredibly packed, even with the tournaments and satellites being in the ballroom. I finally get into a $60 singe table no limit satellite to the next days $500 no limit tourney. At the table were several local regulars, and several people who obviously knew each other chatting constantly about traveling around following the WPT, being staked, etc. Me looking like the typical TV player, I got no respect. I played tight for the first couple of rounds, then hit a couple of great hands, knocking out several players. I ended up heads up with a guy who looked very familiar, but I'm horrible with names and faces so I never figured out who it was. I had slightly over half the chips. Based on his play, and my poor history of heads up play, we made a deal and split, he took $200 in lammers, I got $300 plus the cash entry fee (maybe I had a little more than half the chips, and maybe he gave me more respect after knocking out half the table). I was planning on just selling the lammers, but my gambling instict got the better of me, so I came back a couple days later and played in the $300 limit tourney. Almost 600 players showed up, along w/me, way too early. 45 minutes into the tournament, as a result of a couple bad beats and a couple poor plays, I'm down to 400 chips (out of $1500 or 2k to start). Luckily the table breaks, but I'm down the 250 in chips and ready to go home. The embarrassing feeling walking into a new table, being forced to put all 3 of my chips into a rack.... Apparently I picked the right table, the next two hands I doubled up, and 3 hours later the table broke with me knocking out 6 people, and my stack at 15k (I actually needed TWO racks then LOL). I then get moved to a table full of pros, with only 100 or so people left, and the blinds around 500-1k. Of course my first hand is on the blind, noone raises, 3 or 4 callers, I look down to..... 72 offsuit...I almost bang my head... The flop comes 277, sb bets, I call, one other calls, rest fold, turn was an Ace, sb checks, I bet, third guy raises..woohoo....sb folds. river is...7! I check, he calls, I raise.....and I just doubled my stack with the worst hand in poker lol.... (he had Ax for the boat). Unfortunately it went downhill from there, the blinds went up very fast, and the cards ran cold, I went all in with a10off suit and was out in 55th place out of five hundred something...not too bad, but they only paid to 28. That ends my experience with the world poker tour...for now lol
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Its craptacular!
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